back around the summer of 2001 the Compaq Ipaq 3135 PDAs were being
discontinued and i couldn’t resist the great deal they had at Staples
so I picked one up for $120 (after the rebates).
So, what’s the update on the monpaq after a year and a half of use? I’m
still using the PDA and it still works great. I did hit a snag early on
when the headphone jack malfunctioned (apparently very common with this
unit). Compaq fixed it for free of course. Since then i haven’t had any
problems with it. The only ‘bad’ thing i have to say about the pda is
that it has a monochrome display. But I guess the benefit of this is
that you can go longer between charges compared to color units. I
mainly use it for the calendar/appointment/address book features. and
for those who are interested, here’s all that i have on the unit:
-gigabar : a wonderful app, a required enhancement for the desktop
-Calendar+/Today’s info/Task Plus : great mods for the ‘Today’ page
-ewallet : great app for personal info
-GNUBoy (gameboy emulator) with a couple games
-a couple of ebooks and loads of web articles for MS reader
-tipster : tip calculator for dummies
-tetris, chess and pocket pop of course
-and of course the usual programs: ms money, word, excel, IE browser, windows media player
-CF sleeve with 64MB CF card full of MP3s
-EB leather case
i might get a CF modem card for cheap so that i can check email while
on the road without a laptop. but that all depends on if i want to
upgrade to a new color pda anytime soon. the prices for smaller and
faster pdas have fallen dramatically this past year. For instance, a
new color 300 mhz PDA by Dell called the Axim X5 is $199 after rebate.
But again, a new PDA isn’t going to be placed that high on the family
“wish list” ….. you know, kids and the wife come first. ;) but you
never know, maybe the prices for new color Pocket PCs will fall and
break the $150 barrier? One can only dream……..
On a side note, my ‘first’ PDA, albeit for only a couple months, was
the Psion Revo (which were running around $99 back when i purchased
one). Do you guys remember these little units. It had a full keyboard
and a wide monochrome screen. It ran on EPOC OS and they were popular
in europe but didn’t make a dent in the market here in the US. I liked
it a lot but the case was fragile. The hinge broke on my unit and i
went back and returned it for a refund which led to my monpaq purchase.
I kinda miss the full keyboard feature though.