back in june of 2001, AT&T started charging an extra monthly fee so
that we can “benefit” from being a “special” AT&T long distance
customer with a “low” 7 cents per minute rate. So even if we didn’t
make a long distance call, we would get charged $3.95 just for the
“privilege” of being an AT&T customer! wonderful! So, at the time,
I quickly looked for alternatives and through the advice of the famous,
all-knowing, consumer-advocate, Clark Howard, I signed up for ZoneLD. Now here’s what you get through ZoneLD:

no extra monthly fees, 5.5 cents per minute anytime, on-line account
management, control over international calling rates and electronic
I’ve been a customer with them since July 2001 and had no problems with
calls or billing errors. And there are no extra numbers to dial since
they basically act as a another long distance carrier. My account is
set up where I DO pay by regular check which, i think, they don’t offer
to new customers anymore - I think they only offer to accept payment
through your credit card or some other electronic payment service. And
now that they do that, they offer lower rates since they don’t have to
process payments the old fashioned way. I believe the rates are now at
4.5 cents per minute plus you get 4 cents a minute for five states of
your choosing. So I recommend using zoneLD. My dislike for AT&T has
heightened recently with a rash of rude telemarketing calls trying to
persuade us back to the fold. One telemarketer even tried dirty little
tricks to get you to say “yes” on the phone so that they would have a
recording of you saying “yes”. The person kept on claiming that they
couldn’t hear you and repeatedly asked “hello? are you still
there?….” which would make people respond “yes”. but Elaine didn’t
fall for the tactic and gave the person a piece of her mind instead. so
to sum up: AT&T: BAD, ZoneLD: Good.

P.S. - If you decide on signing up with zoneLD upon reading this
recommendation, please send me a note and i can email you a special
signup link which will give me credit for the sign up and will give you
an added bonus as well. ;) wink, wink…