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Man, I couldn’t stand taking piano lessons back when I was little …. so, guess what? yup. we recently arranged for Ethan to take lessons every saturday. :) who am I to break korean family tradition? At least Ethan is showing interest in it….. for the time being. I always thought starting at five-years old would be a little early but Miriam, the owner (as well as friend and sax player in the worship band! ;) of Joyful Noise Studios told us that they teach as young as three. So I guess Ethan need to get da steppin’ and start catching up on the time lost!! ;)

my wife’s a gangsta?

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It’s great to see the rise in interest in South Korean movies lately.
Not that i have anything to do with it. but maybe this will eventually
lead to more screen time for asian actors and actresses. back in high
school and college while taking a couple of drama courses, i had the
urge to pursue acting. (yeah, don’t laugh too hard!) but i thought
about all the roles available to asian actors… you know, a drug
dealing asian mobster, a waiter in a chinese restaurant, one of the bad
guys in a Steven Seagal movie or maybe play a distant relative of
Margaret Cho in her TV sitcom on ABC….oh, wait, it got cancelled
after a couple episodes. So, i went the ’safe’ route and majored in
science instead. anyway, recently in the news, Queen Latifah signed on to star in an upcoming hollywood remake of a korean film called ‘My Wife Is a Gangster‘.
i think it’s the first korean film to be adapted into mainstream
hollywood. of course, the new film might end up having little to do
with the original after going thru the process of rewrites and stuff.
maybe they’ll even throw a bone to the korean community by letting a
few korean actors be cast as extras in the movie. in the meantime, i’ll
try to locate the korean version of the film at my local blockbuster
(wish me luck!). Here’s part of Kyu Hyun Kim’s review on koreanfilm.org
about the flick:
My Wife is a Gangster in many ways deserves its infamy: it is a
bloated, ludicrous, in-your-face blockbuster, rather like a half-pound
hamburger, grilled in sizzling animal fat, and served with thickets of
French fries and a beer mug full of Jolt Cola. At the same time, I
cannot deny its sheer entertainment value. It is even possible to
appreciate the care and professionalism that went into the final
product (the movie does make me look forward to the director Jo
Jin-gyu’s next project)–it’s just that you should not expect anything
really nutritious.

Ever since elaine’s recent addiction to watching the korean TV drama, Ms. Mermaid
(Inuh-agassi), i’ve been looking into getting a hold of some korean
flicks. since i live in the ’south’ they are pretty hard to come by
locally but i’ll get my hands on them someway or another. I’ve recently
purchased the highly acclaimed ‘The Way Home
on DVD at the local Best Buy for my uncle’s birthday. i haven’t watched
it personally but maybe i’ll get to borrow it from him later on. two
other’s on my list to look for is My Sassy Girl and One Fine Spring Day. i’ll be sure to post an update on my quest for korean movies in the near future. :)

a five year old’s rite of passage…

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had a blast trying to teach Ethan to ride his bike without training wheels recently. Lots of falling down, legs getting scraped up and gravel burns on hands and elbows. and that was just on my end of things! Ethan had his protective gear on so he came out of this nearly scratch-free. Me, i’ll be alright. need to get some more neosporin though. Ethan still needs to work on balancing as well as stopping but he’s getting there. I’ll just have to stop by the local sporting goods shop to pick up some protective gear for myself before Ethan’s next training session. ;)

Welcome to Daniel’s Family Talk website

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Since starting DLee.us a year ago, i’ve been working on ways to get friends and family involved in the site(by way of commenting on a blog, posting in guestbooks etc.) but there still wasn’t an easy way to keep a good level of interactivity going. NOW with this new site, friends and family can post their own updates on what’s going on in their family as well as upload photos of their very own to share with the rest of us. Since we have friends and family scattered all over the U.S. as well as Korea, i’m hoping that this site will help in staying in touch as well as keeping up-to-date on family news. So, be sure to sign up for full access here. Once you’ve signed up and received a confirmation email, you may then post a message by going here. other things to do: keep us informed of upcoming events and important dates in our calendar. And don’t forget to view our photo album as well as contribute your own photos by clicking here. if you have any questions, send me a message here.

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