a few new photos

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it’s almost the end of june and i finally got some pictures from Ethan’s birthday as well as some shots from our neice’s baptism.
so click here to view some photos from Eileen’s baptism.

and here’s a shot of Ethan blowing out his candles earlier this month.

and you can’t have a picture of ethan without a picture of alec, right?

i’ll post some more photos of our kids in the next week or so. i’m sure you’re all waiting with baited breath. :)

family day….

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my employer had a ‘family day’ this past saturday. they had food, kiddie rides, games, a cover band and free gifts and door prizes. the food was kinda suspect but ethan and alec enjoyed the rides. elaine and i liked the free stuff. various bags, heavy duty beach blanket, bottles, pens and shirts. we only stayed for two hours since the lines for the rides were getting too long. Alec still hasn’t grasped the concept of standing in line for a ride. apparently my name was drawn for a door prize after we had left. i’m hoping they’ll still send me the prize even though i wasn’t there to receive it. we’ll see……

ethan’s end of the year celebration

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attended Ethan’s end of the year celebration at his school last week. i can’t believe the school year is already through. Ethan is now a rising 1st grader! where has the time gone?

finding nemo

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finally went to see ‘Finding Nemo’ yesterday. Ethan and Alec loved it.
Yes, Alec (our two year old)! It was his first time in a movie theater
and he did great. he sat through the whole film. Elaine and I had a
feeling he’d do well since he loves to watch all the Pixar movies at
home like Monsters Inc, Bug’s Life and Toy Story. Elaine and I liked
the movie as well. I thought it’d be difficult to top an achievement
like Monster Inc. but they somehow outdid themselves once again.

new photo album entry : Kento’s birthday party

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just added a new entry in the photo album. it was taken back in april (yes, i finally uploaded them!) at Ethan’s classmate’s birthday party. a party on a farm! It was a blast. kids just love farm animals. plus what beats a ride on a pony at that age! :)

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