so what would be on your own cover album? as mentioned in a previous post, mandy moore’s got a pretty interesting set of songs on her upcoming cover album. now i’d be interested in seeing what other folks would pick if they had a chance to record their own cover album. here’s what i came up with:

1) Oh! Darling by The Beatles : one of the songs i learned on guitar early on. i love the chords to this song. and the maniacal way Paul McCartney sings this song is just fun to imitate. kinda therapeutic singing this song at the top of your lungs..
Oh! Darling, if you leave me I’ll never make it alone
Believe me when I tell you I’ll never DO you no harm!!!!

2) Crazy Game by The Indigo Girls : another song i learned on guitar early on. i had a sense of accomplishment after i learned this one. hey, come on, chords like B11, B7+5-9, Emaj7 aren’t that easy to play! anyway, a great song by emily saliers.
dry your eyes, eyes like yours should carry a smile
I haven’t seen them sparkle in a while
give it one more try, dry your eyes

3) Parallel Lines by Todd Rundgren : forget Can We Still Be Friends and Hello It’s Me, Parallel Lines is the one song Todd should be known for. It’s perfect. wonderful chords, meaningful lyrics and a soaring chorus. it’s a song that i never get tired of listening to.
Kindred spirits moving along the spiral, I can see you up on another level
It’s too great a fall and I can’t reach you to pull me higher
But I don’t seem to get much closer or any more far..

4) Without You by Asia : the song got me through some rough nights after a breakup in high school. it’s not the best song done by the group but it definitely brings back memories.
Outside the light, fading as I write and another night reminds me
As I sleep, memory that I keep It’s just another night without you

5) Earn Enough for Us by XTC : man, i used to listen to this album repeatedly over and over again during my freshman year in college. it’s my favorite XTC album of all time. great musicianship and smart, always interesting lyrics.
I can take humiliation and hurtful comments from the boss
I’m just praying by the weekend, I can earn enough for us

6) Changes by Yes : It just boggles the mind how they can come up with these complex instrumental sections in their songs. the odd time signatures in the intro to this song really threw me when i first heard it. amazing stuff. opened my eyes to what can be done in a five minute pop-rock song. plus Trevor Rabin is a genius!
Change changing places root yourself to the ground
Capitalize on this good fortune one word can bring you round..

7) Vanity Kills by ABC : I loved the album ‘How to be a Zillionaire’! great imaginative production (a lot of fairlight synth usage so it sounds kinda dated now…) catchy hooks and cool lyrics. plus a great sense of humor! this one screams ‘high school social scene’ to me!
glad you’ve found someone who loves you but sad to say that someone is you
And now perhaps you’ll both be happy, guess that makes two, just you and you
Someone who cares so much about you but does that someone have to be YOU!

8) A Fool and His Money by Wang Chung: Wang Chung’s mosaic is an album i hate to admit i have in my collection but it’s superb! i give all the credit to producer Peter Wolf. he’s a genius! and if you know me, you’d know that i don’t use that word too often, heh, heh. I think the album still holds up well even now. this was my theme song after a breakup in college. ..this song and ‘Love Stinks’ by the J. Geils Band..
I paid the price with a love I thought was strong
Counting on you I was wrong..

9) Distant Sun by Crowded House : Neil Finn is a genius! :) i think i learned most of their songs on guitar. tremendous stuff. great imagery. the song still gets me every time i sing it.
seven worlds will collide whenever i’m by your side
dust from a distant sun will shower over everyone..

10) The Only One by Bryan Adams : OK, like i’ve mentioned in the past, when i first got my electric guitar, i wanted to be like bryan adams. …’early’ bryan adams like cuts like a knife bryan adams. not the current ballad-singing bryan adams. no, back when he was cool! anyway, the song itself is not all that great. the lyrics are crap and there are a total of four chords to this song. but it’s just fun to play guitar and sing with.
Cause it’s been so long since I’ve felt so strong
About anyone at all, I get so excited
I ain’t gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin’ in love

i actually sang this song to a girl once. it didn’t help me though. i guess she just wasn’t impressed by the inane words and the simple chord progression. maybe i shoulda sang Oh! Darling. ;)

oh, and for the hidden track on my CD i’d include UB40’s Guilty from the Labour of Love album. I love that song. basically a spoken monologue over an instrumental track. i still smile whenever i get a chance to listen to it. need to work on my barry white voice though for this one…
Let me take me back to my childhood a while
See we had a medium size family you know we weren’t rich
But my mother, she tried to bring us us the best she could
Didn’t commit no crime or nothing
But I had to reach man hood to commit this crime
According to the code of love, if there is such a code
See love is a thing that, well, you know?
It’s a bit like quicksand
The more you wriggle the deeper you sink
And when it hits you you’ve just got to fall
That’s why I do believe that I am Guilty
Guilty of loving you …