during my saturday evening stint here at work, i had a chance to catch a show on the radio that i normal don’t get an opportunity to listen to … you know, normally saturday night’s reserved for parties, parties and more parties ;) . The show was called 12-inch saturday night. It’s a weekly syndicated radio show that basically plays remixes of ol’ eighties tunes. man, they played stuff i haven’t heard in years! one song that was played that evening, Dead or Alive’s Brand New Lover, reminded me of the time i used to be so into “80’s new wave dance” music. you know, sorta like eurodance music. it was just a phase really (i swear!) . i mean, new wave dance was sooo anti-musician. everything was pre-programmed into a sequencer and the drum machine rhythms were simple “four on the floor” beats. but even so, the songs were so damn catchy. (plus, there are still artists today that carry on the torch from this genre… like Daniel Bedingfield) it got me thinking about what i listened to during that time period. check this out. here’s my list of some of what i used to like back then…

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (plus the rest of the compilation CD ‘Substance’) - i really don’t get tired of listening to bizarre love triangle. i’m not sure why b/c i get tired of songs rather easily most of the time. it’s just a fun song to listen to.

Erasure - A Little Respect - yes, i know the lead singer’s outrageously gay and all but they had some really good pop songs with hooks galore.

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (the album) - loved that whole album. it really introduced me to songs with dark, melancholy lyrics. check out the songs A Question of Lust and Sometimes.

When In Rome - The Promise - OK, they’re a mega-one hit wonder. i don’t know much about them but the song still gets played on the radio every once in a while. one thing about the song though…. i swear, the second vocalist singing harmony is slightly out of tune at times. yuck. it gets on my nerves every time i hear it. but it’s still a catchy tune.

Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon - ah, yes, another one hit wonder. the song was cool though. it had a sample of Lynn Anderson’s hit “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” that was used as the hook in the song.

Alphaville - Forever Young - ah, the quintessential 80’s new wave song. …now used as a car commercial.

Information Society - What’s On Your Mind? (Pure Energy) - this was so played to death on the radio at the time.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - The Best of OMD especially Dreaming and Secret yes, they’re the same guys that did “If You Leave” from Pretty in Pink.

The Art of Noise - In Visible Silence - this album as well as their previous work (Who’s Afraid of?) blew my mind. weird, experimental stuff with big dance beats. loved it!

Thompson Twins - Into the Gap including Doctor! Doctor! and You Take Me Up. - great musicianship and creative songwriting. too bad they never made it out of the eighties.