i have a couple of old 80’s mix tapes in the car. and i play them every
once in a while between all the veggie tales music and disney tunes
Ethan and Alec demand for. surprisingly Ethan and Alec have become a
fan of some of the eighties music i have on tape. namely, Bonnie
Tyler’s Hero and Hall and Oates’ Private Eyes. recently
they’ve been wanting to hear those two songs over and over again. funny
stuff. they pose like superman with outstretched arms during the song Hero.
listening to these eighties songs now, i kinda understand how the songs
can actually be appealing to kids’ ears. with the dated synthesizer
patches and boxy drum machine sounds, the songs do sound ‘corny’ and
‘harmless’ … a lot like how the disney and veggie tales songs sound
like. i might just dig up more eighties tunes and make a new
compilation just for the kids to listen to. maybe, just maybe i can
convert my kids into being Todd Rundgren fans!! Elaine would just love that, heh, heh.