i came across this article thru the wall street journal’s best of the web section and i thought it was so typically korean. check this out: the following is taken from an article from the Korea Herald:

Minor disgruntlement over holiday gifts occurred between President Roh Moo-hyun and ruling party leader Chyung Dai-chul over the weekend, ahead of Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, which starts Sept. 10.
Apparently dismayed at Roh not sending him and fellow politicians gifts that are customarily delivered ahead of big holidays, Chyung disclosed a list of presents ex-presidents had sent him during previous holiday seasons.

“I received dried and fresh ginseng engraved with a phoenix symbol from ex-president Park Chung-hee, ginseng with another phoenix mark from Chun Doo-hwan and about 1 million won to 2 million won from Roh Tae-woo,” Chyung said during a meeting with the press.

He went on and listed how he accepted boxes of dried anchovies from Kim Young-sam and dried seaweeds and traditional pastries from Kim Dae-jung.

“Giving presents is a part of Korean culture. But President Roh never gives anything which could very easily be misunderstood as him being cold hearted,” Chyung said.

James Taranto of WSJ.com adds: While North Korea is threatening the world with nuclear weapons, it’s good to know their counterparts in the south are concerned about what’s really important.

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