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while sifting through some old stuff in the attic to take to remote storage, i came across a trunk full of old mix tapes of mine that have long been forgotten. man, i haven’t listened to some of these songs in a decade. so i’ve been popping these babies in the car stereo over the course of the week and i have to tell ya that i’ve been experiencing musical bliss. it’s funny how you end up forgetting how much these songs meant to you at the time. check out these long forgotten gems:
Ronda by Jay Aaron : a song by a guitarist from texas who worked with Eric Johnson in the past. The song is a three minute pop masterpiece. OK, the lyrics are sorta lame but the hook is killer.
oh Ronda, poor, poor Ronda, will you ever stop
Living in illusion and holding back your heart
Why sit all alone with tears in your eyes?
The world is waiting for you so come to me Ronda you’ll realize….

She Gives Me Love by The Godfathers : this song rocks.
Don’t claim to understand her, I wonder what she’s doing with me
Don’t know what she does with the rest of her time
But she gives it to me for free

the Gifted Child by Jill Sobule : a nicely crafted song by an artist mostly known for the song “i Kissed a Girl”.
what a bright girl, an exceptional girl, she’ll make some man real happy some day
gonna be her father’s pride, a perfect bride, she won’t make her mother’s mistakes..

Woman in Chains by Tears for Fears: a powerful ballad that never got the airplay it deserved.
Well I feel deep in your heart there are wounds time can’t heal
And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe
Well you know what I mean
It’s a world gone crazy, keeps woman in chains

Dear God by Midge Ure : a pop gem. “Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Feed the World)”-Redux.
Dear God, is there somebody out there?
Is there someone to hear my prayer?
I’m a simple man with simple words to say
Is there some point in asking? Asking for more only got us where we are today
Lost and alone and afraid…

Love Cries by the Stage Dolls : a classic pop metal tune. remember all that aqua-net hairspray and spandex? of course you do!
As she drives through the town where she once played around
in these streets, oh memories are what’s left here
little note on her bed just some words that leave it all unsaid
oh Mama don’t you cry, hey Papa don’t ask why
Love cries, love burns, love drives you to the point of no return

I Can’t Live Without Your Love and Affection by Nelson : and who could forget the Nelson brothers? they were too “pretty” to be taken seriously. but you can’t deny the power of this tune…
Here she comes, just like an angel, seems like forever that she’s been on my mind
But nothing has changed, she thinks I’m a waste of her time
There she goes, she don’t know what she’s missing
Can’t she see I’ll never give up the fight
I’ll do all I can till she understands my desire
I’ve been on the outside lookin in, let me into your heart - oh
There’s nothing on earth that should keep up apart - Baby
I can’t live without your love and affection
I can’t face another night on my own
I’d give up my pride to save me from being alone
‘Cause I can’t live without your love
So I wait, here for an answer and wonder if tomorrow will be like yesterday
I’ll keep holding on but I can’t go on living this way - Baby
I’ve been on the outside looking in bring my tears to an end - oh
I realize there’s no use for me to pretend, Oh yeah
For your love…I’d put my arms around you
For your love…and find the strength to tell you
For your love…No I can’t live without your…
I can’t live without your love and affection
I can’t face another night on my own
I’d give up my pride to save me from being alone - Baby
I can’t live without your love and affection
I just can’t go on this way anymore
As hard as I try, there’s one thing that I know for sure
I can’t live without your love

-Matthew & Gunnar Nelson and Marc Tanner
..oh the memories…

Ethan, The Student of the Week

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Ethan is “student of the week” this week in Mrs. Janes’ class. Ethan’s pretty excited about it and so are we! not only does he get to be the class leader this week but he also gets to choose which book they get to read as well as share a little more about himself to the whole class. we also set up a special page for Ethan so that the class can have the opportunity to look him up on the net this week. :)

click here to go to Ethan’s SOTW Page

new guestbook

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guess what? … i know y’all been waiting for it. and now it’s here. the one and only Family Talk Guestbook! wow. isn’t it thrilling? so what are you waiting for? post away! :)

click here

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