Ethan the evangelist?

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they must be doing something right in sunday school. Ethan sure does love to share the gospel. ever since he was four in preschool he would go up to his friends and even their parents and simply ask:
“Do you believe in God?”
and then after the person in question responds, Ethan would normally add:
“well, I believe in God. He loves me and He loves you too. God is so good!”
as you might have guessed, we’ve been getting some interesting responses from parents and teachers because of this. some i’m sure got offended. some were astonished that something that profound can come from a little kid. and Ethan seems very genuine when he shares this with others. of course, we never put him up to this. this was all on his own. i think some of the parents that got offended probably even assumed that we somehow pushed Ethan to share about God in class. and that’s definitely not the case here. the kid never fails to amaze us. and we’re proud of him. so what if we get some evil glares from parents that are non-believers, Ethan’s just doing what Jesus told us to do in his scriptures. nothing wrong with that. you go Ethan!!! :)

Ethan says…

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Mrs. Janes, Ethan’s first grade teacher, mentioned to us that Ethan had this to say to his classmates during one recent class “sharing time” session…

Ethan (in a serious tone of voice): “I’m wearing my green wind breaker today. It’s my favorite jacket because it breaks wind.

…OK, i guess you had to be there. it sounded funny. the best part was that none of the kids (including Ethan) caught the meaning of “breaking wind”. heh. heh. Elaine and I were rolling on the floor when we first heard of what he said. Mrs. Janes said that she did too.

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