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so, take a moment and imagine that i was Aamer Haleem of Bands Reunited and i had the dubious task of reuniting old has-been bands from the eighties. which bands would i choose for the next round of episodes… hmmmm… let’s see here…
- how about ABC? essentially Martin Fry and Mark White. i think Martin Fry is still touring under ABC but i don’t believe Mark White is involved. Poison Arrow and The Look of Love were just pure pop delights! so put on that gold lame suit and sing me those pop gems. the mini concert i’d make them do would include: Be Near Me, When Smokey Sings, The Look of Love, Poison Arrow and That Was Then and This is Now.
- Crowded House - yes, i know Neil Finn is still around releasing albums and touring but i just enjoy the music of Crowded House a lot more. come on guys. just one more romp in the hay for old times sake? songs to include: Weather With You, Distant Sun, Don’t Dream It’s Over, Four Seasons in One Day and Something So Strong.
- Asia - Steve Howe and John Wetton hate each other in a major way so this one would be difficult to pull off. plus Geoff Downes still uses the group name without the other original members so that’s got to be a sore spot for them as well. but come on Steve and John! you are not getting any younger… just take a real hard look at yourselves in the mirror. Bury the hatchet, shake hands and just play the beginning power chords to The Heat of the Moment and get on with it! life’s too short.
set list: Heat of the Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Don’t Cry, Time Again, Sole Survivor and Wildest Dreams.
- Mr. Mister - alright, where are these guys now? Richard Page, Steve George, Steve Farris and Pat Mastelotto. these guys need each other. bring ‘em back from oblivion. and while you’re busy getting back together, don’t forget to release that long lost fourth album, “Pull”. With Trevor Rabin involved with the project, it’s something i’d definitely want to get a hold of. songs to include in the reunion mini-set: Kyrie, Broken Wings, Is It Love, Run to Her, Tangent Tears and The Border.
- and finally, Utopia - hey if VH1 can reunite Romeo Void and Dramarama, why not these guys for one measly night. Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox and Roger Powell. (yes, i know this isn’t the original line up but i like this configuration of Utopia the best… so there! i’m the one and only Aamer Haleem, damn it and what i say goes!! heh.) yeah, i know Todd Rundgren can be stubborn and has said in the past that he’s not interested in any sort of reunion but hey, a fan can dream, right? plus, it’d make for some great TV viewing: just imagine the thick tension between Todd and drummer Willie Wilcox. plus Roger hasn’t played keyboards in years so it’d be interesting to see if he still has the chops. The songs i’d request for their mini-set: Road to Utopia, Caravan, Fix Your Gaze, Just One Victory, Love Is the Answer, Secret Society and Set Me Free.

got any eighties bands you’d like to see “reunited” by Aamer? post ‘em here, baybay.

..You’re so long ago and so far away but my dream lives on forever
I guess I believe that I’ll see you one day
For without it there is no dream..

-Todd Rundgren

new photos, yea!

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hey, you know what? i actually DO have photo editing software on my new laptop. i just didn’t know it. but it did actually take me a while to find the right windows drivers to get XP to recognize my video camera so that i could transfer some of the digital shots onto the hard drive. anyway, i uploaded some photos from christmas as well as some of ethan and alec having some fun in the snow, which is definitely a BIG EVENT around these parts!
Christmas in Virginia Beach

Snow Day January 2004

oh and before i forget, here’s a long lost photo from september 2003, where we just pulled out one of Ethan’s front teeth. he was so excited!!

ethan and alec’s DVDs for January 2004

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for anyone who’s interested in what Ethan and Alec’s latest obsessions are…

Alec: still obsessed with trains. he loves The Alphabet Train which he recently got for Christmas.
Ethan: is all things bionicle. apparently they are little toys marketed by LEGO that all boys are raving about nowadays. he also loves to watch Bionicle - Mask of Light.

both DVDs put me right to sleep every single time. i don’t think i’ve seen either one the whole way through yet!
i’m hoping they’ll both move on to something else real soon! i don’t think i can take much more of watching bionicles and trains on TV. i guess i should just be thankful it’s not Barney or The Wiggles!! heh.

joseph kahn, my MTV hero…. heh.

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saw a little bit of Joseph Kahn
on MTV’s Cribs last night. after watching the show, i now have more
respect for the famous music video director. the dude’s a slob and not
afraid to show it. he has a nice big house but no furnishings. just the
basics: computers, video editing hardware, a bed, a large TV and his
office where he does some of his business. but that’s about it. the
funny part was that he had kimchee in his refrigerator and his dog’s
name is “goghee” which is “meat” in korean. heh, heh. the guy’s got a
sense of humor. the other thing was that he said half of his
*girlfriends* hate kimchee. *girlfriends*?? have you seen the guy? he’s
definitely not the best looking korean that’s for sure. and he sure
doesn’t dress well. but i guess money and fame speak louder than looks?
whatever. i wish all the best for Joseph Kahn. he’s a pioneer being the
first korean on MTV Cribs (well besides the voice over host.) he’s
representin’!! now, go teach those MTV kids all about the wonders of
kimchee!!!! ;)

Happy New Year

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we had a wonderful time in virginia beach during christmas. Alec and Ethan had tons of fun playing with Jackie and Caity as well as little Eileen (who is already walking, wow!).

as for the lack of new pictures: now that i have a new laptop, i don’t have some of the photo editing software on it that i had on my previous old desktop. and my software CDs are all in storage, wwwaaayyy in the back. so, it might be a while before i can get some pictures uploaded here. i recently had to dig my way through our storage unit to find some archived documents and unfortunately it was in a box in the very back. it took me two hours to move around boxes, furniture and toys to get back there. ooffpphh. so you see, i’m NOT really itching to go back in there just yet!!

so in the meantime, i’m hoping Colleen and Ki will log in and upload some new family photos here!! especially since they have a nice digital camera!! :)

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