saw a little bit of Joseph Kahn
on MTV’s Cribs last night. after watching the show, i now have more
respect for the famous music video director. the dude’s a slob and not
afraid to show it. he has a nice big house but no furnishings. just the
basics: computers, video editing hardware, a bed, a large TV and his
office where he does some of his business. but that’s about it. the
funny part was that he had kimchee in his refrigerator and his dog’s
name is “goghee” which is “meat” in korean. heh, heh. the guy’s got a
sense of humor. the other thing was that he said half of his
*girlfriends* hate kimchee. *girlfriends*?? have you seen the guy? he’s
definitely not the best looking korean that’s for sure. and he sure
doesn’t dress well. but i guess money and fame speak louder than looks?
whatever. i wish all the best for Joseph Kahn. he’s a pioneer being the
first korean on MTV Cribs (well besides the voice over host.) he’s
representin’!! now, go teach those MTV kids all about the wonders of
kimchee!!!! ;)