OK, guess who’s playin’ at the Cat’s Cradle May 11th? our hero, Todd Rundgren.

so, who’s comin’ with me?
here’s more info on the new album which i’m really looking forward to:
After dedicating the past 25 years to constructing a bridge between
music and multimedia, Todd Rundgren announces the release of a new
album that is a work of sophisticated songwriting and musical
brilliance. Liars, released in the U.K. on April 5th (Sanctuary
Records), is an orchestral, complex, and cleverly witty collection of
songs all built around an ambitious central concept that weaves
seamlessly throughout the album. The album will be released in the U.S.
on April 6th.
From the frenetic opening track, “Truth,” to the blue-eyed soul in
“Sweet” and “Soul Brother,” to his signature guitar howling on “Liars,”
Rundgren exposes white lies, happy lies, lies with dire consequences,
and lies so woven into the fabric of our lives that we don’t even
notice them anymore.
“Most of my recent albums have been either collections from recent and
old recordings. Liars is an album of all brand new material that I’ve
been thinking about for about 10 years,” says Rundgren. “When I started
writing material for this record, I didn’t have a whole concept yet,
but the first song I did was ‘The Wondering.’ It was my reaction to the
2000 presidential election, and the completely surreal nature of it. It
really made me see that we go through life thinking certain things are
true, and then reality is thrust upon you and you realize you’ve been
living a lie, a complete lie. That you don’t seem to be able to count
on anything anymore.”

The album’s cover captures the concept in its simplest form - the
Easter Bunny. “It’s a myth and everyone knows it’s a myth. It doesn’t
even have the history like Santa Claus - there was never a giant bunny
that delivered Easter eggs and candy. But we’re asked to perpetuate
this myth.”
While Rundgren is renowned for his guitar performances, it’s his
dexterity as a multi-instrumentalist that shines through on Liars. The
keyboard and piano often take center stage, so much so that “Mammon” is
as much a piano concerto as it is a Gothic chant.
“I was going for a certain kind of sound,” describes Rundgren, who
played all the instruments on the album. “I did start to gravitate
toward a B3 and Fender Rhodes piano for the central element.
To me it’s old fashioned, and I wanted it to resemble all my
influences….some Mose Allison, semi-Beatles things. And there’s always
a bit of Marvin Gaye in there somewhere. But I’ll always make a point
of re-interpreting their sound, not imitating it.”
“All of these songs are about a paucity of truth. At first they may
seem to be about other things, but that is just a reflection of how
much dishonesty we have accepted in our daily lives. We are raised from
birth to believe things that cannot be proven or that are plainly not
true. People will often brag of their honesty, when there is so much
they have simply chosen to ignore or leave unexamined. The fact is, we
are terrified of the truth.”
-from the Sanctuary Records Press Release March 2004