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got some extra time on your hands? Check out surveysavvy!! It’s another one of those online survey sites but they’ve been pretty good at offering surveys that pay, albeit just a couple of bucks here and there but it does add up.
if ya do decide to sign up, be sure to use my referral link so that i can get credit for your sign up. :) heh.


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OK, i’m currently working on upgrading the look of my little ol’ site. i’ll be working on bits and pieces off and on for the next few weeks. (with kids, family, house, work, church etc… this site is kinda low on the priority pole .. but i’d still like to fix it up some.) so please let me know if something doesn’t work right. yes, i know that the buttons on top of the site are not in english. (part of the “XP skin” i’m using here.) i’m planning on fixing those buttons soon. let me know if you see anything else unusual. thanks!

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