we’ve been eating out like crazy lately. with a newborn and his two older siblings, there’s just not much time to do much cooking at home so at the Lee household, carry-out/take-out tend to be the words of the day. here are our current top picks in our area at the moment:

shabashabu : a great japanese and thai place. love the wasabi rolls and their spider rolls. yummy.

kuki’s : one of our oldies but goodies. we’ve been going there for years. again, the service is pretty spotty but ya can’t find the quality of sushi and rolls anywhere else in raleigh.

bali hai : again, one of our old favs. mongolian stir fry. we go there almost once every week.

the cheese cake factory : not good if one’s watching their figure. it’s carbo-city. but if you’re like me and spit-in-the-general-direction at watching weight, this is the place to be my friend.

PF chang’s : we’ve noticed that the one in Raleigh is SO much better than the one in Durham as well as the one in Virginia Beach.

Milton’s : for their pasta and their oohh soo good calzones. again it’s carbo-city. plus they got great service! :)

or how about some burger’s? chargrill and backyard burger are our usual choices. :)

yumm. OK, let’s eat!!!