i’m just a sucker for hard to find items. have been all my life. just look at my CD collection. tons of out of print titles and imports. just don’t get me started. don’t tell me about an item that’s out of print, discontinued or rare b/c the way my brain is wired, i’ll get all worked up about it and spend a butt-load of time researching it and i’ll then try my darnedest to get the best deal for it. this is especially true for electronic gadgets, CDs, DVDs and video games. yeah, i know, i’m an easy target. i guess it’s just some sort of way to feel like i’m part of a special club/group or something. you know, to be set apart from the mainstream. kinda explains my lifelong obsession with Todd Rundgren, but that another story altogether. anyway, my current obsession - Korean DVDs. i’m not totally sure what triggered it recently. elaine and her mom have always been into Korean TV dramas and stuff for as long as i’ve known them. i guess now that Korean movies are getting alot more attention from Hollywood and the media in general, i just had to see for myself what the fuss was about. and since i’m sorta in hickville, korean DVDs are hard to come by locally which basically puts more fuel to the fire for me.

here are some of the limitations/requirements that i’ve come across through reading about my current obsession:

1) i don’t have a region free DVD player (although i’m considering buying one.) so right now, i’m only limited to Korean DVDs that aren’t coded for their region (region 3).
2) i’m not totally fluent in Korean so i’ll need english subtitles. which is fine b/c most of the DVDs have english captions-option available on the DVD. ahh, the wonders of technology.
3) no gang violence, depressing melodrama, traditional korean costume dramas, or kungfu movies please. some of the movies i’ve come across in the past had some brutal violence in them. not my cup of tea. as for depressing movies - i like to watch depressing movies every now and then like everyone else but man korean movies can definitely be depressing. yikes. case in point, our recent rental through Netflix. we just saw the korean movie Failan. now that was depressing. even though folks highly recommended the film, it was just too much of a downer for me. plus there was too much cussing going on. what’s up with that? maybe i’m just not used to hearing so many cuss words in korean. whatever. i just didn’t connect with the film. i got two more korean movies coming through netflix before i cancel the free trial so i’m sure i’ll post something about them in the near future.

i’m not sure how long this obsession’s gonna last. could be as long as my Rundgren obsession or as short as my interest in MTV VJ Martha Quinn many, many moons ago. :P all i know is that there’s a huge fan base out on the internet and it’s encouraging to see all that information out there about korean films and the variety of online retailers that offer these films. and i’ll probably be looking into the availability of korean TV dramas (soap operas) on DVD/VCDs for Elaine. boy, the last one she watched, Stairway to Heaven … ugh. i didn’t watch it with her but i sure did hear it in the house … all that crying, wailing and shouting. Elaine loved it.

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