argh. is she not the most annoying girl on TV right now? Is there not a fast-forward button somewhere so that we can just skip through her 15 minutes of fame?
please. go. away. now.

From the New York Times:

Q: You just shipped a million albums. How do you feel?

Ashlee Simpson: Amazing. Oh my gosh. I’m freaking out. Everything is so exciting. Oh it’s so cool. It’s got the album cover on it and it says one million! I was like, this is insane. When I saw it, I started crying. Isn’t that insane? Just to have an album in stores. It’s the coolest. .

..she’s just like … like the coolest… okay?
a million albums!! who are these people???
meanwhile other artists are just scrapping by:
(according to
Survivor - Ultimate Survivor - 1705 units. (From two weeks of sales)
Van Halen - Best Of Both Worlds - 138,284 units (From one week of sales)
Rick Springfield - Shock Denial Anger Acceptance - 26,553 units (Total!!!)
Heart - Jupiter’s Darling - 39,167 units
Toto - Essential Toto - 900 units (in it’s first two weeks on sale.)

Truly unfair.