boy, for a second there, i *almost* fell for it. I received a letter saying that one of my photos (submitted through snapfish for the contest) was chosen to be published in the upcoming hardbound book “Endless Journeys”. The nice little letter continued to inform me that out of the thousands of photos submitted, my picture of Alec will be one of the “chosen few” to appear in their next book. well, after reading this, several flags went up.
1) - the snapshot of Alec. although it’s a cute picture of Alec, honestly, the shot didn’t really have any artistic value. I mean, the book is supposed to highlight the work of amateur photographers and i don’t think my “kid and his birthday cake” shot shows any skill as a photographer at all. just a point and shoot photo. Alec could probably win something for *cuteness* but my *skillz* behind the lens is definitely lacking.
2) - they want ME to pay $70 bucks for a copy of their book!! $70 dollars for a book. come on.
3) - shouldn’t they be paying me to publish my *exquisitely* shot photo of Alec.
4) - thank goodness for the internet. click here for a discussion on and their wonderful book project. Apparently they’ve been milking people out of their money for over a year, pushing the publishing date back time and time again. Imagine if they could get say 500 people to pay $70 bucks each. plus they have a gift option so some of those folks paid even more. yikes!
AND they really didn’t say how many photos were going to appear in the book. for all i know, there could be thousands of pictures in the book, all of them about “thumbnail” sized.
what a scam!

needless to say, i didn’t order myself a copy. but i’ll be looking for the book at the library once the book comes out (if it actually does get published!!) just to see if my *wonderful work* actually *is* indeed in the book. we will see….