drums 101

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the 2 minute drum lesson: How to play rock and roll!

click here to view.

pencam fun!

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well, Ethan’s having fun with his new eight dollar pencam. Check out Ethan’s new pencam gallery!

birthday weekend…

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I’m back! Had a nice couple days off. thank you Shirley and Elizabeth for posting ‘happy birthday’ wishes. oh and happy belated birthday to Elizabeth. she just had one of the big ones. ;) so, i had another ‘birthday party’ this past sunday. just a small one with family. as you might recall, i had the ‘big’ birthday party last weekend. this time we just had my parents and my aunt and uncle to come by. so basically i had a total of TWO birthday cakes for my 35th birthday. oh, and a pie… my mom made a pie as well. yes, i’m special. hhmmm, what else happened this weekend… oh yeah, there was a ‘baby dedication’ at church on sunday so we got to go up on stage with the rest of the parents to ‘dedicate’ our babies. Each family had to introduce their families to the rest of the congregation and i’m not totally sure but i think i spoke a little too loud into the mic (or so i’m told). *embarrassed* hey, i’m not used to being up front speaking in front of 800 or so folks (just used to playing/hiding behind the drums!!). anyways, i blame the stage monitors… we could barely hear ourselves where we were standing on stage, it was all garbled and echoey. whatever. i hope they all didn’t laugh too hard at me. :P
you know what?
i’m getting used to embarrassing myself in a major way at least once a week. ;)

a sure-fire motivational tool to get fit…

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Here’s a sure-fire way to get yourself motivated into exercising and staying fit: by viewing Body Challenge: Hollywood on the Discovery Health Channel. the game/reality show put together six C-List celebrities including Erik Estrada, Susan Olsen, Charlene Tilton and David Higgins (who?) and forced them to exercise and eat right for 12 weeks, all the while recording their progression into a healthier lifestyle. David Higgins (who?) and Kym Whitley (who dat?) definitely lost the most weight after 12 weeks. their transformation into leaner, more fit bodies were very dramatic. shoot, if these C,D-List so-called “celebs” are able to stop eating chocolates and hit the gym and get results like that, man, I should have no problem changing my bad, lazy habits. yeah. alright. …. yes. that’s right. awwwllllrighttyyy thheennn. ….. uummmmm, yessir-ee bob. i’ll do it. if they can do it, i can. … yup. you got it. i’m on it. i’m all up with that … like white on rice. … like gravy on a biscuit. like fried on chicken…. and meatballs on a sub. like big on mac. … mmmmm. ok, ok, ok, ok…. i’ll start next week. yeah.. next week. that’s right…right now, it’s time for bojangles….see ya!

weekend update…

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well, how was your weekend? ours was pretty full… it started out with the weekly ritual of mowing the lawn. Oh, and here’s a pencam pic of the lawnmower. yes, a pencam. low-res, fuzzy and unfocused pictures. ahh, the wonders of technology. :P I recently got the pencam off of ebay for eight bucks. It’s for Ethan (my seven year old) to play around with. I’ve been testing it around the house and man i’m totally glad that i only paid eight bucks for it. the pic quality is horrible. can you believe they actually go for forty dollars brand new? totally not worth it. but anyway, i’m sure Ethan will have loads of fun with it. i set up a separate gallery just for the pencam. check the section for updates every once in a while. you never know what Ethan might get a shot of. right now it has a couple of my test shots. click here for the album.Spent most of saturday cleaning the house inside and out. why? because of my “surprise” birthday party. well, it was supposed to be a surprise but NOTHING gets by me! I KNOW all, I see all! a couple weeks back, Elaine tried to fool me by saying we were having a baby shower at our house for one of our friends on Saturday the 11th (which is a week before my birthday, the 19th) but one day while checking the mail, i came across a baby shower invitation for OUR FRIEND for Sunday the 12th! a-ha! busted! and all was ruined! nah, not really. we still had a great time. it was nice having our friends over for dinner. …well, except whenever Linda continually mentioned during the evening that she thought this was one of the “major milestone” birthdays like a 4-0 or a 5-0!! thanks Linda…. NOT! anyway, it was actually the first time we had a whole bunch of folks over since we moved in to the house so it was kinda like a “house warming party” as well. man, you should have seen our cul-de-sac full of cars. hopefully our neighbors didn’t get too agitated with us. great food, big cake and good friends. good times.then on sunday, got to church by 7:15am, rehearsed with the worship team, had breakfast, then had service and got out by 12:15. hurried back home to have lunch and then Elaine was off to Jen’s baby shower across town. I chilled out with the boys until Elaine got back and then we were back at church for a church family meeting. the band played again as well. by the end of it, Christian (our six month old) was cranky b/c of the lack of sleep and Alec and Ethan were complaining for the lack of playtime. oh well. at least i had fun!

weekend tidbits …

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- i spent a good part of saturday in the cramped space underneath the kitchen sink. yup, i finally stopped procrastinating and replaced our leaky kitchen faucet. boy i’m proud of myself that i actually did it. i’m not a “natural” when it comes to fixing things around the house so it’s all a slow, learning process for me. what should have taken maybe an hour or two dragged on for most of the afternoon and into the evening. of course it wasn’t non-stop work. i got kids/family so that’s impossible. had to stop to get some take-out, watch the baby whenever Elaine had to do something, made three separate trips to the Home Depot for parts/supplies. man, my back, arms and hands are still sore from all that stretching, twisting and contorting underneath the sink.

- “You’re the best drummer i’ve ever heard, dad.” That’s what Ethan (our seven year old) said to me after service sunday when i played with the worship team. It’s a nice feeling when your son is that “proud” of you. It’s also great to hear him sing along to the “praise and worship” music in the car on the way home. it’s sorta funny to hear a seven year old shout along to the rhythmic section in the song “All About You” by Lakewood Church. It’s got that funky James Brown feel to it. Click here for a sample. Listen to it and think about a little boy singing along to it. hee, hee. cute. and while you’re here listening, click on this link to listen to another song that Ethan sings along to. It’s Martha Munizzi’s “Glorious”. fun stuff. both of those we play at church. although “All About You” is pretty much a golden oldie …. or in other words “overplayed” so my guess is that it’ll be on the “retired playlist” pretty soon.

- watched Disney’s “Brother Bear” with the kids over the weekend. I fell asleep on it both times.

- my new guilty pleasure: watching the new season of Surreal Life on VH1. The new season started this past sunday and i’m planning on catching all the episodes. come on. Charo, Jordan Knight, Flava Flav, Dave from Full House, Brigitte Nielsen and Ryan Starr from American Idol. that’s a mix for some good TV.

- last night i had some take out from shabashabu. spider rolls, wasabi rolls, miso soup, fried tempura and eel rolls …. mmmmmm yum. … and all was right with the world.

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