12 measures.

12 measures of music is what i needed to fill on a song last week. an all out drum solo. the dreaded, mind-numbing, “time for a bathroom-break” drum solo. no one wants to hear a drum solo. even *i* don’t want to hear a drum solo unless it’s by one of the all time greats.
so, who would want to hear 12 measures of just me? I know i can’t come
up with anything even *remotely* interesting. and that’s what i usually
tell the music director whenever something like this comes up and
normally my veto would go through. but not this time. the music
director as well as the horn section (those clowns!) were steadfast in
their demand for 12 measures of drums. now, i don’t mind something
that’s integral with the music itself, a drum fill or beat that
enhances the song or something that helps transitions a part to the
next section but 12 measures is asking too much …. from me as
well as the people that have to listen to me! it was tough during
rehearsal last week, trying to come up with something interesting as
well as something that gradually gained momentum that would carry into
the initial “true” intro of the song. mine felt more like disjointed
drum fill ideas pasted together haphazardly. it definitely made me
appreciate more how drummers like Neil Peart and Carl Palmer can carry
on for fifteen minutes or more. i can probably run through my standard
bag of ideas and motifs in about two minutes tops. that kinda gives you
an taste of how much i practice at home. zilch. nada. nunca.
and these “12 measures” almost made me break my long running streak.
*almost*. with two little boys running around the house *plus* a lil’
seven month old, having a drum set at home is just not a good idea.

so how did i do sunday? well, let’s just say my brain is still
trying desperately to deaden reality, spinning a web of denial and
shooting out endorphins left and right to ease the pain. i basically
held my breath and hacked my way through it. and now i don’t really
recall what i actually played. at least it wasn’t a massive train wreck
where it’d stop the song dead in its tracks. that’s a “positive”, isn’t
it? i’ve asked a couple of people and they all said “it was fine” but
how am i ever supposed to know if they’re just saying that to appease
me or if it’s something they actually thought was OK. whatever. it’s
done. it’s over. i’m not gonna worry about it. …i have to admit that
it did “stretch” me in terms of my abilities and … maybe my next solo
won’t be so bad. :P well, at least no one threw any eggs at me … not that it’d matter that much since i have a plexiglass shield around the drum kit. heh.