i wanted to expand on what was mentioned in yesterday’s post about Manheim Steamroller songs…here’s my list of crappy Christmas songs that should be banned from radio altogether…see if you agree. and please feel free to post your list of the worst xmas tunes.
All songs by Manheim Steamroller - ’nuff said
I Believe in Santa by REO Speedwagon - they should have broken up right after recording ‘Keep On Loving You’
Christmas Shoes - i normally scream and run as far away from the radio as I can when this one comes on … Oh! the horror… the agony of da feet!!!
Santa Baby - yuck!
War is Over by John and Yoko - double yuck!
Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney - it’s pretty lame, and *I’M* a McCartney fan!!!
Do You Hear What I Hear? by Rosie O’Donnell and Elmo - no words could ever describe what I’m hearing!!!
Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby - what were they smoking when they came up with this idea?
Grown Up Christmas List - I think i’ve heard several different versions of this. all of them as sappy as the other. let’s all have a sappy christmas!
speaking of sappy … ummm, am I just too jaded to even listen to this:
ChristmasTime by Bryan Adams - check out these lyrics… see if you can make it through without laughing out loud:
We waited all through the year for the day to appear
when we could be together in harmony
You know the time will come peace on earth for everyone
and we can live forever in a world where we are free
let it shine for you and me
There’s something about Christmas time
something about Christmas time
that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday
To see the joy in the children’s eyes
the way that the old folks smile
says that Christmas will never go away

OK, this isn’t a song from sesame street. it’s some grown up dude with bad acne scars singing these awfully maudlin lyrics and getting *paid* for it. now, that ain’t right. man, Ethan, my second grader can come with better lyrics than that. come on!..oh and finally how about that dreaded remake of Do They Know It’s Christmas by Bland Aid 20. blech. actually they don’t play that one here in the states. thank goodness!…