shirley wrote in and said that she’s bored to tears about all this blogging-talk i’ve been doing lately. yeah, i guess she’s right. but.. i’ve been going through some new-year’s blues/funk-whatever you call it plus, i caught a cold recently so i haven’t been feeling too expressive lately. sorry. i don’t feel like going into all the crap i’ve been feeling lately so all this geek-talk has been all i could muster. so, just for shirley, i won’t talk about wordpress or geeklog today… so i’ll mention…. something else… ummm.. yes, … oh, yeah, Roy released the new version of Tabulas over the weekend. (sorry shirley! :P) hooray for him. The new release looks really good and if i didn’t have this here site to deal with, i’d probably still be over there bloggin’ away although i do admit feeling sorta old over there with all those fourteen year olds journalling about school-crushes and how they really despise their math teacher. probably why i couldn’t continue blogging over there. you know, b/c i really don’t need another daily reminder of how old i’m getting!! no thanks. plus, there isn’t a way to export out all the entries from tabulas. so once you decide to move on, you lose all those posts you spent all that time writing. i know this b/c i haven’t been able to re-import any of the entry files i’ve saved from there. but hey, if you’re young and you don’t have a website, that’s the place to be, my friend! … and while you’re there, say ‘hey’ to Roy for me. :)