going through all the christmas-related bills recently, Elaine and I have been forced to decide to do some budget-related cutbacks. what? you mean, i can’t just spend freely at every whim during my weekly trips to best buy anymore? huh? it can’t be??!?! wwwaaahhhh! [sob, sob… whimper…whine…sniff, sniff…]
..well, wouldn’t ya know it, just yesterday our sony trinitron in our family room (our main TV) decided to conk out on us. and it definitely looks to be a goner. it’s never worth it to look into fixing TVs so i guess i gotta go to best buy and look for a new one. [heh, heh… hands rubbing together with glee…]

..ahem..! [Elaine standing with her arms crossed and right foot tapping against the floor..]

..oh, alright… i’ll look for a cheapo replacement…

i guess the dilemma nowadays is (..don’t even mention LCD/plasma TVs b/c it won’t fit in the ever decreasing budget…) : do you spend the extra dough on HD ready (oopffhhh! look at the myriad of HD-related configurations!) or just get a cheap tube TV and worry about HD when the you know what hits the fan?

actually it was pretty nice spending some time last night in the family room without the TV blaring away. of course, i’m thinking that it’d get old night after night without watching my shows. shoot. i missed The Amazing Race last night. anybody want to fill me in on what happened?

…oh, here’s a samsung that was recently shown at the CES convention. what do ya think? should i even bother showing this one to Elaine? :P

80 inch plasma, drool, drool, drool