i finally got around to updating the family photo album with pix from december. all yous from da north (yeah, you, you, you and you) are gonna laugh … but when we got some snow right after christmas, it was a huge deal down here in the south. it was less than an inch worth but man, the kids in the neighborhood went crazy over it.

it was the dry sort so not that great for making a snowman or snowballs.

it wasn’t all that deep either so the snow angels weren’t that impressive….

..but Alec noted that it tasted just fine…

..and it covered the driveway just enough so that we could slide down it…

and yes, we even have a short video clip of Ethan in action, sliding down the driveway (windows media format).
enjoy! (..and yes as you can tell by the editing/effects of the clip, i had too much time on my hands during christmas break…)