the forecast this morning was for a few flurries. nothing to worry about, right? yet once again, even though one of the local weather teams have the gumption to call themselves “accuweather”, they’ve reinforced the belief that no one around here can predict the weather accurately … not even a few hours ahead of a storm. and now everyone is scrambling to get home b/c of all the kids are getting let out of school early! sheesh!
wow, snow again in NC!

well, i guess i’ll be going home now. …or maybe not. there are traffic jams galore out there. i might have to wait it out a little.

before i go, Michael wrote in earlier asking about my opinion on drummers and such so i thought i’d bring back some archived entries from my previous blog about the subject. so here are some links that might be interesting to read over….

here’s the entry where i imagine that i’m being profiled in Modern Drummer Magazine. … hey… it could still happen!!??!?

here’s one about which songs my “cover” album would include. it was sparked by Mandy Moore releasing her history making album, Coverage.

and finally, here’s an entry in which i get all nostalgic about some 80’s british electronica/dance music.