as i’ve mentioned in past entries, i’m working on redesigning/rebuilding our worship band’s website. it’ll eventually include an easier to navigate photo gallery, a section with interviews/personal testimonies of team members, merchandise (CDs, coffee mugs, t-shirts!), and of course the private section for the team to use. i’m working on little bits at a time. so it’ll be a long while before everything gets up and running. i currently have a designated photographer taking photos of us so that we can store up a repository of shots to use either for web graphics or for the team photo gallery. here are two recent shots of us that i just received from Anita.
the worship team

unfortunately, i’m not in frame. you can see part of my drumset but nothing else of me. i’m still waiting for that glorious action shot of me on drums… you know, stuff you see in Rolling Stone or Q Magazine. but you know it’s hard to tell the photographer to get a great shot of yours truly without coming off as vain and self centered. … which in fact i am ..but let’s keep it amongst ourselves for now. :P

..hold on… actually, i am in that second photo. look closely. yeah. there i am … sorta…
can you find dan