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..Larry Donnell Green, 29, was removed from the morgue at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and taken to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, where he is listed in critical condition.
Medical examiner J.B. Perdue was documenting Green’s injuries to certify a cause a death when he noticed Green breathing. Green had been declared dead by paramedics at the accident scene Monday after being hit by a car driven by 36-year-old Tamuel Jackson almost two hours earlier at the U.S. 401-N.C. 39 split.
“We were making funeral arrangements, family came by, everybody thought he had passed away,” said Green’s brother, Steve.
Emergency medical technicians declared Green dead Monday night and put him in a body bag for transport to the morgue. At the morgue, Perdue detected an irregular breath and called the same paramedics who attended to Green to take him to the hospital.
…”There has been a terrible error made and we are on a fast track to getting these problems corrected, so we don’t face such a situation in the future,” Franklin County Manager Chris Courdriet said. “It’s an unfortunate happening — no doubt about it.”
Perdue said he has never seen a case like this. He said it was not his job to declare death, but to determine the cause of death.

So whatever you do, just be sure not to get involved in a car accident in Franklin County…