Christina’s media blitz…

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whatdoyaknow, our lil’ Christina, one of the vocalists in our worship team, is a tsunami survivor. i’m not sure why i’m repeating it here… well, i guess it might have something to do with the recent repeated media bombardment of her survival account everywhere i turn. it has been inescapable. from her first-hand account at band rehearsal. to her testimony on sunday in front of the whole congregation. not to mention her numerous local TV news interviews. and the endless newspaper articles. ..internet. name it!!
so, let me go ahead and feed the frenzy right here on my site. click on the following links to read more:

  • ABC News Link
  • Cable News Link
  • Courier-Tribune Link
  • Herald Sun Link
  • not, that i dislike Christina. she’s a sweetheart. but man, what a media-hog. :P i guess i can’t really blame the girl … i mean if i was in her shoes i’d also probably take advantage of the situation to proclaim to all readers and viewers in the area that i just got engaged to the man i love!!

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    the new years funk…

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    shirley wrote in and said that she’s bored to tears about all this blogging-talk i’ve been doing lately. yeah, i guess she’s right. but.. i’ve been going through some new-year’s blues/funk-whatever you call it plus, i caught a cold recently so i haven’t been feeling too expressive lately. sorry. i don’t feel like going into all the crap i’ve been feeling lately so all this geek-talk has been all i could muster. so, just for shirley, i won’t talk about wordpress or geeklog today… so i’ll mention…. something else… ummm.. yes, … oh, yeah, Roy released the new version of Tabulas over the weekend. (sorry shirley! :P) hooray for him. The new release looks really good and if i didn’t have this here site to deal with, i’d probably still be over there bloggin’ away although i do admit feeling sorta old over there with all those fourteen year olds journalling about school-crushes and how they really despise their math teacher. probably why i couldn’t continue blogging over there. you know, b/c i really don’t need another daily reminder of how old i’m getting!! no thanks. plus, there isn’t a way to export out all the entries from tabulas. so once you decide to move on, you lose all those posts you spent all that time writing. i know this b/c i haven’t been able to re-import any of the entry files i’ve saved from there. but hey, if you’re young and you don’t have a website, that’s the place to be, my friend! … and while you’re there, say ‘hey’ to Roy for me. :)

    still busy getting this set up and customized

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    well now that things are settling down here with wordpress, i have to say that “i like it.” it’s definitely not perfect. but it’s a big step in the right direction after all this time with me struggling with geeklog. the folks behind wordpress definitely kept things simple and straightforward. the set up as well as installing plugins are no brainers here with this system. i’m still reading up on things, getting used to the interface and customizing here and there but the major stuff is done. let me know what you think. any wordpress experts out there? i’m still trying to gauge which of all these plugins available are the essential and/or the most robust.
    anyway, take care and have a great weekend. :)

    i’m just sooo impatient…

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    yup. you guessed it. i converted to wordpress. and i was able to import my mundane entries from geeklog. just the text though. no pictures and also no dates so i gotta go through and edit the previous entries. yuck. at least i have them here. so what do you think. i still have lots to do in terms of customizing the templates and stuff but it’s a start. i’m also using geeklog but just for the main family site. this here wordpress will be used for the ridiculously mundane entries.

    hold on..

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    OK, you all *do* know i’m fickled don’t you? well, i am. so, hold on and stay put. i might be moving my journal (..again…). i’m currently mulling over my options. i might just keep “mundane” here but just use a different blogging engine. and of course tabulas is still an option. Roy’s been hard a work improving the site over there so i could just easily head back over there. hhmmmm. stay tuned…

    …for the want of a nail..

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    crap. i’m still having some problems here since the upgrade. most of the site is working fine and i should be happy but there are some nagging details that aren’t working properly and it’s bugging me to no end. i can’t figure it out. argh. i gotta stop obsessing about these little details. overall, things are alright. no biggie. right now, i’ve switched to the default template temporarily to test a couple things. i’ll switch the template back after a while. i shouldn’t worry about it so much. yesterday, when i broke the site (once again) and i was ending up with MySQL errors up the wazzoo, i was praying that if i could just get the site back up and running then “i’d beee oh soooo happy” …but now after i fixed the problem and got the site up and running again, i’m back to obsessing about these little bugs. i gotta just learn to let things go…. [to self].. there are other more important things to worry about. get your priorities straight, man!

    huzzah! things are working.

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    whew. i thought for a minute there, this site was a goner. but it looks like things are working. the major upgrading is pretty much done here. … for now. just a little tinkering to do. please let me know if you see some errors. :)


    wow. that was a long break…

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    well, did ya miss me? were any of you worried that i might not get this site back up and running? at certain points even *i* didn’t know if this site was going to be make it or not. man, upgrading the CMS shouldn’t be so difficult. and i’m not even completely finished with getting stuff ironed out. but… i’m getting ahead of myself.’s everyone doing? did y’all have a great christmas and new years? ours was good. the kids had a blast. i’ll post pictures eventually. plus a little video capture of the kids sliding down our driveway. fun stuff. ..but i got too much to catch up on at work at the moment. i’m soooo behind and it’s just my first day back. yuck. i really hate that feeling. anyway, i am kinda proud of myself for not only upgrading the CMS here but also installing mambo at well, just the initial portions of it. i’m planning on adding a bunch of “components” to the CMS when i get a chance. currently the site is centered around the phpBB message board. once i get everything installed, all activities like messages, upload/downloading, songlists, etc. should be done through mambo solely. cool stuff. Mambo seems pretty easy to work with. in contrast, geeklog here was a bear to upgrade. lots of config issues and hand coding to do. plus, gallery (which is embedded with geeklog here on this site) was giving me a headache too. luckily my webhost’s discussion board had a work-around to get gallery to work on our servers. lots of editing/adding to the php.ini files and .htaccess files. blech. oh and i also had to drop most of my plugins/hacks. i’m planning on adding some new plugins sometime soon. once i get everything settled, i’m *not* going to *mess* with my site for a good while!! just gonna leave it alone and let things be! right?

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