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today, before heading out to lunch, i stopped by the ATM downstairs to get some cash. the ATM was busted so i had to visit my girl Keisha down at the in-house branch around the corner. Keisha was in high spirits today, i assume b/c it’s friday! by the time i got to her she was in the middle of a conversation with another customer working with the other teller next to her talking about how the hat she had on today made her look a lot like Alicia Keys. right. Keisha looking like Alicia Keys. ha. that’s a good one. girl, where your glasses at? anyway, i got my cash and receipt and headed out before i said something inappropriate. once out the door, i glanced at the receipt and the total balance in my checking account was $20,000 more than it was yesterday. huh? how could this be? i asked myself. ….hhmmmm.

it could only be one thing!
it must be a blessing from up above. yes. The Good Lord must be blessing me for all those years serving Him in the worship band. Thank You. thank You. Thank You.
..yes, He must have somehow gotten my checking account number and routing number and electronically direct deposited $20,000 into my account.

well, He’s ALL KNOWING, isn’t He?
yes, He wouldn’t have any problem gaining access to my account.
He’s ALMIGHTY. ALL POWERFUL. $20,000 ain’t nothin’ to Him. He just wanted to bestow some blessing upon lil’ ol’ me. that’s all.
yes. glory! glory in the Highest!
oh, happy day. happy, happy day.

and wouldn’t ya know it, while i’m standing there in front of the bank rejoicing over my blessing, Keisha comes running out to ruin it all.
she apparently made a mistake during my transaction. she pulled my withdrawal from someone else’s account. someone a lot richer than me. $20,000 in the checking account richer. gosh. i wonder what she’s got in her savings account then?
oh well. i was rich today. only for a moment. but i still rejoice. it’s friday.

creative muvo micro N200

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Elaine asked if she could have an mp3 player so that she could listen to her praise and worship music more conveniently. electronics? gadgets? say no more!! I got right on the case.

after reading various review sites on mp3 players, i honed down the list to just a couple.
my requirements (…i mean, Elaine’s requirements..) were:
-simple controls
-easy transfer of songs and not be required to use their software for this task.
-small and easy to carry
-good sound, loud in volume with no hiss. with optional EQ
-can play either WMA or MP3
-no hard drive. Flash memory. at least 256mb.
-reasonably priced.

so after all the research, i ordered for Elaine: the Creative muvo micro N200.

it fit the criteria and received a lot of great reviews. like this one from cnet.
the others i considered were:
SanDisk Digital Audio Player 256MB red (cheap but unintuitive controls)
iriver -IFP players (good but required the use of their software which i didn’t like)
iPod shuffle (random? no display screen? no thanks.)
Rio -various models (sort of bulky and ugly)

so, anyway, it’s ordered. i can’t wait to play around with it….. i mean, to get it set up for Elaine to use. :)

time ain’t on my side

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can someone please stop them from playing those horrible Vanessa Carlton/time-warner cable ads on radio and TV??? it’s the most annoying commercial. ever. not only did she butcher a classic Rolling Stones tune but she totally lost any remaining credibility she had as a so called artist by telling viewers that she uses the digital phone feature and that we should too. i’m sure there are more subtler ways to endorse a product but these infomercial-like ads totally blows. oh. .my. .goodness. i just came across the complete “Time is On My Side” video. with all those constantly running commercial spots i didn’t think it could get much worse. it just did. check it out. she even includes a 50’s-style (totally lame) spoken word section in the middle of the song. you have to watch it. you. have. to. i. can’t. stop. watching. it. .please. .help.


oopps. was i supposed to tip the guy that brought me my to-go order at curbside? i picked up some food from johnny carino’s last night before going home and they have curbside service for to-go orders. normally at these curbside deals (at all the Chili’s related restaurants), i end up going in to get my food so no tipping was required of me. but this time the guy came right out when i pulled in and was very prompt in getting my food. mentally, i was still in “to-go” mode so i didn’t even think to tip him. but according to the tipping discussion board, i’m supposed to tip the guy. my bad. now, i feel kinda down about it. i just inadvertently perpetuated that asian “bad tippers” stereotype. wonderful. i better not go back to that place for a good while. who knows what they’d do to my food if i show my face around there again.

career ambitions

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here’s an update on Ethan and Alec’s career ambitions … as of Feb. 2005.
ahhh, the fertile minds of youth….

Alec : this one’s easy… Train Engineer. …no surprise there.

and what does Ethan want to be? (for this week at least…)
..you know it’s ever changing. a while back it was a Fire Fighter. and sometime later, an airline pilot.

and now… (click on

not sure if he’s talking about “Being John Malkovich” puppets/marionettes. you know, detailed, lifelike, dramatic puppetry. of course Ethan would need John Cusack in his brain for that level of skill.


…maybe Ethan’s thinking more along the lines of this:

freebie of the day

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free subscription to Giant Magazine. love the little blurb about the magazine:

Does your girlfriend think you’ve got a screw loose because everything you say is a movie quote? Do you consider it productive to spend 4 hours mastering the next level of a video game? Are you tired of work getting in the way of your web surfing? If so, stop hiding. We celebrate you. You’re a real Guy and guess what? You’re not alone.

anyway, YMMV (your mileage may vary) depending on what you put as your profile on the site. good luck.


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man, there’s nothing like having a plate of North Carolina style barbeque, fried chicken with a side of cole slaw and brunswick stew for lunch at Bullock’s. that’s some good eatin’. i’m stuffed. :)

music survey night

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Our evening began with Chuck (my partner in crime) and I leaving work thursday and each of us taking different routes (in our respective cars) to the Embassy Suites hotel in Cary. Chuck took interstate 40 and i went local (hwy 54 to Weston Parkway) just to see who would end up at the hotel first during rush hour. since I-40 was backed up, i thought i’d make it there in great time going the back way. but of course hwy 54 was at a stand still and after making a couple of wrong turns at the end of Weston Parkway, I arrived there about five minutes after Chuck. phooey! Our goal was to get there before 6:10pm in order to get entered into the extra $50 drawing. apparently 90% of the survey takers had the same idea so there was a long line in front of the conference room by 6:10. if you haven’t been to one of these, it’s a two hour session run by a local marketing research group to gauge local radio listener preferences. last night’s group was made up of about a hundred or so and we had to fill out those automated fill in the circle type forms. we had to listen to 700, yes, you’re reading correctly, 700 5-second snippets of songs in rapid succession all the while filling in the form stating whether we liked the song or not and if we wanted to hear the song more/less on the radio. Sort of similar to the way you rate songs online at RateTheMusic.com, but this time we’re getting paid for it. heh. The songs were taken directly from several radio station playlists including Mix 101, 100.7 the river, G105 and sunny 93.9. nothing out of the ordinary- just songs that we’ve all heard on the radio over and over and over again. it was hard for me not to just go down the list and say that i really don’t want to hear any of these songs ever again b/c i’ve heard enough of them many, many lifetimes over. but thinking that they might not invite me back to one of these things in the future, i made an effort to be as objective as possible going for the songs that were the least offensive to the ears. i wonder if they account for fatigue when interpreting the data toward the end of the survey because my mind was turning to mush the second half the of the session. you can only take but so much of hearing these bland, overcommercialized snippets of muzak by soul-less sell-outs like Celine Dion, James Taylor and the Goo Goo Dolls before it slowly starts to resemble some sort of prisoner of war torture method. at one point when they played “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5″ back to back, I was this close to getting out of my seat and screaming like a madman in front of these good folks but instead i just elbowed Chuck who was sitting beside me and let out a low groan. by 8:30pm it was all over. with my head pounding and my right hand cramping, I grabbed my $65 from a staff member, waved goodbye to my fellow survivor Chuck and got myself out of there as fast as possible. needless to say, i did not turn on the radio on the drive home that night.

coffee of the day: columbia supremo (i didn’t come up with the name, i just drink it.)
mashup of the day: Franz Ferdinand vs Beastie Boys - Triple Take (McSleazy)

couple more mashups for ya..

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i’ve added two new mashups to my jukebox playlist. thought i’d share the links.
from BRAT productions:
Billy Joel vs. Jay-Z : Bigshot Pimpin
Maroon 5 vs. A Tribe Called Quest: This Tour

come on, there’s always a need for another coffee mug!

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just dropping in to say hey. not much to report today. gotta take the minivan in for scheduled maintenance this afternoon. that’s about it. very exciting day. currently working on: validation report at my desk. currently sipping: tall hazelnut cream coffee. currently listening to : michael Jackson scream vs. Beck e-pro mashup by team 9.

oh, before i forget, anyone out there just itching to spend some cash? I recently set up a cafepress shop for DLee.us. [oohhh, ahhhhh, applause.] So if you are in the market for a new mousepad or a coffee mug with pictures of cute smiling korean kids all over them, you are in luck! check ‘em out here. oh, and if you happen to want your own cafepress store, please use my referral link. hey, i’ll take whatever i can get. heh.

The DLee.us Store in Now Open…

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rejoice!! the DLee.us online store is now open business!! Need a
coffee mug with Ethan, Alec and Christian’s picture on it? or how about
a new mousepad? well, you are in luck! we have both items for sale
right now! take a look.

Currently that’s all we have available in the store but don’t worry, more items are on their way.

click on the link to take a look!

it’s just another fun way to show your support for this site. :)
Yes, I’m shameless but you already knew that didn’t ya??!!

happy birthday grandma!

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We went to visited Grandma this past weekend for her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

..and here’s the obligatory Christian photo…

a couple more phonecam photos are in the phonecam folder.

random bits..

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happy monday! we’re back from visiting grandma in virginia beach. it was a surprise visit for her birthday and she enjoyed seeing her grandkids. as usual with visits to grandma, i was bored to tears. what normally happens is - our boys go off and play in the backyard with their cousins. elaine, her sister and their mom catch up on korean soap operas either on satellite or on tape. elaine’s sister’s husband sits at the dining table with papers and documents spread out for work. which leaves me either taking naps with baby Christian or checking email on my laptop. exciting stuff. at least i’m caught up on my naps.

last night i was at milton’s picking up some dinner after our long drive back from grandma’s. they got my order wrong so i had to wait for my food. this large guy was standing next to me. i think his name was lewis or larry or something. he had a fast food uniform on, i didn’t get a good look. could have been pizza hut or KFC. anyway, he looked over at me, giggled and said “pretty girls. heh” [referring to the wait staff at milton’s]. how do you respond to that kind of remark? especially to a strange guy standing next to you. the way he said it was sort of the stalker-creepy-what-you-might-hear-in-a-dark-alley type. i didn’t want to be rude so i sort of nodded and then looked away. i mean, he was right. the college girls working there are indeed on the attractive-side. but i mean, i’m not going to come out and say it to some joe bob standing next to me. keep it to yourself dude. you’re creeping me out.

every now and then i whine about my lack of spending money. folks with kids know what i’m talking about. priority goes toward mortgage, bills and the kids. any left over goes toward savings. so i have to find other ways to get my mad money (you know, money to spend just for moi). in the past i sold stuff on ebay to earn a little extra cash but i’ve basically run out of things to sell. i also do some online surveys which is like a couple of bucks here and there. nothing substantial. i’m currently looking into various affiliates programs for this site. ..like i’ve got enough visitors for that!! har, har, har. hey, one can dream, right? anyway, you folks like to click on my links, right? oohh, “click on my links” doesn’t sound quite right does it? that’s something lewis/larry the pizza hut guy would say. well, whatever. click away! I did hit the motherload this week though. I’ve been asked to participate in a local music survey held this week at a conference center. it pays $65. all i have to do is listen to a variety of songs for two hours and rate them. sweet. i wish i could say the local radio stations caught wind of my musical expertise and called me to give them my opinions on some new songs. but in truth, i’m just one of about 100 or so anonymous survey takers that will be filling out opinion forms thursday night. hey, call me whatever you want just hand over the $65.

update: oh, another scheme to boost my mad money - mooch off lunch from service/sales reps. Lunch was on Jeff our automation equip. sales/service guy today as well as this past friday. fortunately he’s a nice guy and doesn’t ooze sleeziness like some sales reps do. mmmmm. free lunch is always good.

Don’t Stop Believin’

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man, my webhost is having some major server problems today. i’m sure you all missed me dearly while my site was down. all three of you. :P .. and if by some odd chance you tried to send me email in the past day or so, please send them to me again because i most likely did not receive them due to those darn server outages.

well to shrink my readership down to one (and that’s just counting myself) i’ll mention a recent article that appeared in SFWeekly about one of my favorite (one of many!) eighties bands, Journey. Now, let me clarify something. I totally agree with you about their look. they ain’t anywhere close to being easy on the eyes. remember the Separate Ways video? Good-googlie-moooglie. Television was not made for groups like this. but for me, it’s about the musicianship. Steve Smith on drums. Neal Schon on lead guitar. Ross Valory on bass. and Jonathan Cain … well, um, i was never big on keys. anyway. it’s the way they played, man. dey good mon. and then of course there’s all that in-fighting. love all that drama. check out some lovely quotes from the article:
a lot of the funny quotes are from Herbie Herbert their former manager-

“I think he [Steve Perry] dislikes them every bit as much as they dislike him. But they’re just not that smart. I love Neal Schon like a son, but he’s just never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.”
“I said, ‘Neal, [Perry] would come, and if you were drowning in the ocean’ — which in terms of Journey, that’s a good metaphor — ‘he would show up in his luxury liner and offer you a life raft in such a manner as you would decline. Of course, if you had any self-respect at all. If you accept, well then you have no self-respect.’ And that’s basically what Jon Cain and Neal Schon did, they accepted.” [he’s talking about the 1996 Trial by Fire album]

“They made Eddie Money sound like Muddy Waters,” Marcus [writer Greil Marcus] explains today in an e-mail. “It was the self-evident phoniness in Steve Perry’s voice — the oleaginous self-regard, the gooey smear of words, the horrible enunciation: It was the ‘ci-tay’ in ‘Lights’ that really made me want to kill.”

“They were really unhip with the guys,” Herbert elaborates, “because they weren’t Ted Nugent, they weren’t Aerosmith. They weren’t hard enough. But if [guys] wanted to get laid, they’d better go to that show anyway, because all the girls were there. So what made us look a lot hipper than we were is that we had such a deep penetration — no pun intended — into the female target demographic.”
“Because of the songs,” he says. Then, falsetto, “‘I come to you with open arms ….’ You know, all that kind of sloshy stuff that the girls loved.”

“It’d be good if they had a record and had some success,” he says [about the current state of Journey’s career]. But the former manager is a bit skeptical about the odds of that happening. “You know,” he says, “you’ve got a much better shot at the lottery or your dick growing a foot, to be honest with you.”

When they called [to ask Steve Augeri to be their lead singer back in 1998], Augeri [who is now the current lead singer in the band] was retired, two years removed from the music business and working for the Gap, of all things. Tall Stories had never risen above obscurity, cursed as they were by the fact that their singer sounded just a little too much like Steve Perry. This is no longer a problem for Steve Augeri.

wow. imagine slaving away at the Gap and then getting a call from a world-renowned rock band to ask you to join them! So me getting that call from Paul McCartney about playing drums for him on his next tour ain’t so far fetched after all.

There Goes My Inspiration…

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Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren. Joe Jackson. Ethel.
i really need to go see this show in april. so how would you suggest i go about convincing elaine in going with me? why does she need to go, you ask? well…. because she’s the only person that understands … and puts up with my obsession with old man Todd. she suffered long and hard through these years and so she knows what it means to me to see a show like this. she definitely doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the dude and his music but i really can’t imagine her not standing there beside me at another todd show. it won’t be the same. the experience won’t be the same without her being there. we have history. elaine and i… and todd. it goes all the way back to when we were dating. she agreed to go with me to atlanta (a seven hour drive from here) to see a standing room only show at a rundown warehouse. well, we didn’t know it was going to be at a rundown warehouse until we got there. or that other time we drove to Georgetown to catch another standing room only show and then drive right back afterwards (a five hour drive) since Elaine had to work the next morning. i’m sure she enjoyed that experience immensely!! Oh, and who could forget the mother of all shows, the one in Lancaster, PA. I drove Elaine, who was pregnant with Ethan at the time, seven hours to see Todd at a smoke-filled bar where we had to stand near the stage next to numerous obnoxious drunks totally oblivious to the fact that there was a performance being conducted right in front of them. Ok, i admit, that show/trip was a little much. but come on, it’s Todd Rundgren! (well, i shouldn’t waste my breath saying that because it has absolutely no affect on people.)
she did seem to enjoy our last show a couple years ago which fortunately was at a local theater (no road trip this time) with actual seats to sit in and a no smoking policy! and this upcoming show is at a similarly styled performance theater albeit an hour or two away from where we live.
the main problem nowadays is leaving our little kids with some poor schmuck and not getting back home ’til way past midnight. we really don’t have anyone that we trust to keep an eye on the kids for that length of time.
so, anyway, any suggestions? …or am i utterly doomed…. :(

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