happy monday! we’re back from visiting grandma in virginia beach. it was a surprise visit for her birthday and she enjoyed seeing her grandkids. as usual with visits to grandma, i was bored to tears. what normally happens is - our boys go off and play in the backyard with their cousins. elaine, her sister and their mom catch up on korean soap operas either on satellite or on tape. elaine’s sister’s husband sits at the dining table with papers and documents spread out for work. which leaves me either taking naps with baby Christian or checking email on my laptop. exciting stuff. at least i’m caught up on my naps.

last night i was at milton’s picking up some dinner after our long drive back from grandma’s. they got my order wrong so i had to wait for my food. this large guy was standing next to me. i think his name was lewis or larry or something. he had a fast food uniform on, i didn’t get a good look. could have been pizza hut or KFC. anyway, he looked over at me, giggled and said “pretty girls. heh” [referring to the wait staff at milton’s]. how do you respond to that kind of remark? especially to a strange guy standing next to you. the way he said it was sort of the stalker-creepy-what-you-might-hear-in-a-dark-alley type. i didn’t want to be rude so i sort of nodded and then looked away. i mean, he was right. the college girls working there are indeed on the attractive-side. but i mean, i’m not going to come out and say it to some joe bob standing next to me. keep it to yourself dude. you’re creeping me out.

every now and then i whine about my lack of spending money. folks with kids know what i’m talking about. priority goes toward mortgage, bills and the kids. any left over goes toward savings. so i have to find other ways to get my mad money (you know, money to spend just for moi). in the past i sold stuff on ebay to earn a little extra cash but i’ve basically run out of things to sell. i also do some online surveys which is like a couple of bucks here and there. nothing substantial. i’m currently looking into various affiliates programs for this site. ..like i’ve got enough visitors for that!! har, har, har. hey, one can dream, right? anyway, you folks like to click on my links, right? oohh, “click on my links” doesn’t sound quite right does it? that’s something lewis/larry the pizza hut guy would say. well, whatever. click away! I did hit the motherload this week though. I’ve been asked to participate in a local music survey held this week at a conference center. it pays $65. all i have to do is listen to a variety of songs for two hours and rate them. sweet. i wish i could say the local radio stations caught wind of my musical expertise and called me to give them my opinions on some new songs. but in truth, i’m just one of about 100 or so anonymous survey takers that will be filling out opinion forms thursday night. hey, call me whatever you want just hand over the $65.

update: oh, another scheme to boost my mad money - mooch off lunch from service/sales reps. Lunch was on Jeff our automation equip. sales/service guy today as well as this past friday. fortunately he’s a nice guy and doesn’t ooze sleeziness like some sales reps do. mmmmm. free lunch is always good.