i was out sick yesterday. what did i miss? fill me in on happenings on your end. :)

me? i’ve basically been sick all week since Christian’s big bash sunday. i lost my voice (it’s almost back now. still sounding a little croaky). had that hackin’ cough that my co-workers just loved. you see, earlier in the week my coworkers kept on yelling at me to go on home and stop spreading germs but I had to be at work this week to finish up a project that was due. I completed the work late wednesday so i just stayed home thursday. good timing to because my first batch of Blockbuster online DVDs arrived yesterday. yes, i finally signed up. i got the free month trial. check this out. apparently they discontinued the free trial period a while back but in my oh so cunning ways, i obtained a special link (as well as the secret code as a back up. heh. thank you internets) that got me the free month trial instead of the normal “$9.99 first month/$14.99 afterwards” deal. so now i’ll get to evaluate their turnaround time in comparison to the quick service i had with Netflix a while back. currently i’m still partial to Netflix but i like blockbuster’s cheaper rate and the fact that they give you two in-store rental coupons every month as a subscriber. i tell you what though, blockbuster is definitely off to a good start by getting those initial DVDs to me the day after i signed up. I watched the Village and Cellular while out sick yesterday. why didn’t anyone tell me that Cellular blew chunks? man, that movie was horrible. totally lame. the guy who wrote the script should be thoroughly cane whipped for such drivel. but surprising to me, the Village wasn’t as bad as i thought. maybe all those bad reviews left me with no expectations. I liked it. it’s not M. Night’s best work but it definitely kept my interest. and yes, Bryce Dallas Howard did a wonderful job in the movie.

oh, and speaking of vegging out in front of the TV, tell me you guys saw what i saw on PBS the other night? John Tesh. you know, the ex-entertainment tonight co-anchor from way back when? while i do recall him being some sort of Yanni-wannabe after his stint on ET, i did not expect him to be involved with praise and worship music. yes, you heard right, Contemporary Christian church music!!!???! stuff that our worship team plays (actually played, the songs on his special are old, old, past-the-expiration-date songs.) first, let me just say that it’s great that John Tesh was able to get worship music onto primetime television. that’s a major feat in itself. that being said, the Worship at Red Rocks special is unfortunately lacking in a lot of ways.
first, it’s John Tesh.
Second, yes, John Tesh!!!!!
Granted, he’s got a great speaking voice, but words like “great musician” or “charisma” just don’t come to mind when the name “John Tesh” is uttered. and the music. oh the music. boy, PBS should have just featured Israel Houghton’s Another Level DVD instead of this stuff. John Tesh’s special pushed praise and worship music back a decade or so. the band and the singing was totally stilted and lacking on groove and emotion. oh, and being a drummer myself i’m allowed to say this — his drummer stunk. bad. his tempo was all over the place. AND, i couldn’t tell if this was intentional or not but they played most of the songs a lot faster than what was originally written. and b/c of the faster tempos and the lack of a bass guitar/drum “pocket/groove” the music just came off as ssooooo how do i say it …. ummm, white-bread-disney-middle america-like. no soul. no life.
oh and did i mention that John Tesh sings during the concert?
well if you can call it that. he even had the gall to butcher the classic song Breathe. the song is delicate, slow and longing. Tesh’s brilliant take on the song is to drive it home with a sledgehammer. wonderful. not.

anyway, Tesh is making his rounds across the country as part of the annual PBS fund drive so keep an eye out for him. and run for the hills.

now, if people really wanna check out what’s new and exciting in church today, they need to come to our church this sunday. we’ve got BOTH the African Children’s Choir AND the Newsboys scheduled for sunday morning service!! two major nationally touring acts at the same place and same time. that’s incredible. yes, that means our worship team (including yours truly) isn’t playing sunday but we got lots to do in terms of getting the place ready for the Newsboys rig (lights and sound system) and their equipment. just last night we cleared out the stage. ooffpphh.. and man, i’m REALLY not looking forward to putting our own equipment back together on stage after all this. tons of wires, mics, amps, more wires, extension cords, drums, risers, lalala… where are my roadies?