wow. sunday service with the African Children’s Choir and the Newsboys was incredible. the place was packed. i’ve never seen so many folks at our church before. it was standing room only. both performances touched many. and I definitely have new found respect for Peter Furler of the Newsboys. frankly, i was never a big fan of the group back in the early nineties because of their teenybopper sound and vague lyrics but it’s very apparent that the group and especially Peter has grown so much since then. there’s more depth in the music/lyrics and Peter would probably be the first to admit about the growth/change. What impressed me the most was the fact that he kept the focus away from the music and their fame. he spent a good chunk of time sharing part of his testimony and basically giving the congregation a mini-sermon. just him. no music. no fanfare. alone standing centerstage speaking of the gospel and giving out advice and encouragement to his younger fans. he spoke with confidence and conviction. very powerful and it shattered my image of the band as a CCM sellout.
and here ya go, check out my fuzzy phonecam shots of the event.

i ordered flowers through FTD last week for Elaine’s family as thanks for all their help in preparing for Christian’s b-day party. well, one out of the three orders never got delivered and just my luck, that order was the most important one: the one to the mother-in-law. not good. plus we made several calls to her to check and see if she had received them which of course got her all disappointed b/c she didn’t get these flowers. how lovely. funny how they never screwed up my past orders on major dates like mother’s day or valentine’s day but on a run of the mill date, they mess it all up. wonderful.

had some time to check out two more DVDs on our blockbuster online plan. I Heart Huckabees and Taegukgi. I really tried to like “I Heart Huckabees”. I really did. with naomi watts, you can’t go wrong, right? well, the movie didn’t do anything for me. maybe it was Jason Schwartzman, who i just don’t like. or maybe it was the script that’s chock-full of nothing. the best thing about it was Shania Twain’s cameo at the end of the movie but it was sort of marred by the fact that it was obviously inserted in without Jason Schwartzman and Jude Law physically there in the scene with her.
as for “taegukgi”, i wanted to like the movie too. but the whole time, i was thinking of other war movies that “did it better” ie. Saving Private Ryan, Platoon or Full metal Jacket. Other than the fact the movie was set during the Korean War, the story was filled with war movie cliches. also a lot of typical korean movie melodramatic cliches were added into the mix as well. lots of violence, a lot of yelling and a big tear-jerking scene at the end. i do admit to tearing up at the end but i’m just a sucker for melodrama. anyway, overall the movie was so-so. i guess it’s great for korean cinema in general but compared to big budget hollywood war pics, it doesn’t really hold up.