an excerpt of our conversation during lunch at our favorite seafood joint yesterday…

Hanh: do you go to the korean grocery store off of hwy 70?
me: which one? there’s two. one near the corner of hwy 70 and duraleigh rd. and there’s one next to the ummmm… adult entertainment place.
Hanh: yes, i was talking about the one next to that place. … oh and by the way, what really goes on in that place anyway?
me: ….i don’t know. i’ve never been. (whew. dodged that bullet.)
Chuck: well, you know, stuff like you’d see at “Thee Dollhouse”.
Randy: and what might that be?
Chuck: …you know… adult entertainment?
Hanh: but that place is a run down warehouse. why would anyone in their right mind go to such a place that looks like that?
Chuck: businesses like that can be run anywhere. there’s this place off the main road going toward the beach that’s a just a non-descript trailer.
Randy: uh-huh. [smirking at chuck]
Chuck: and the trailer’s got this red light on. it’s surrounded by a high fence and you’d have to drive around the back to get to it. unless you knew what the red light meant, you’d never know it’s one of those establishments.
Caroline: and what do you do once you get there?
Chuck: i think there’s a secret knock…
me: and how would you know about all this, chuck?
Chuck : oh, i’ve never been. some friends told me about this place.
me: yeah, right.
Caroline: and what goes on in this trailer?
Chuck : i don’t know. umm, adult entertainment?
Caroline : like adult entertainment- books and videos? or adult entertainment - a show.. and stuff?
Chuck : … i wouldn’t know…
Randy : awww, come on. spill it.
[chuck turning all shades of red]
Caroline : yeah, you seem to be an expert.
Chuck : how did we get on this subject? weren’t we talking about something else?
me : i think Hanh asked about the korean grocery store.
Hanh : is it illegal?
me : the korean grocery store?
Hanh : no the stuff that goes on in the trailer.
Chuck : i wouldn’t know…
everyone : yes you do!