nothing much to report here. been busy with work and with the kids at home (since Ethan’s out for spring break). i’ll just list out some various tidbits for now….

-missed this week’s 24 and amazing race!! argh. anybody wanna update me on what happened?
-just got a new dishwasher installed because our original one got busted. man, we sure did miss having a dishwasher. the three boys go through a ton of dishes. and don’t get me started on laundry. … oh, that’s right, i don’t do laundry. heh.
-wow. the Pat O’brien rehab thing is getting scandalous!
-yikes! it’s worse than i thought.
-anybody got Chris Tomlin’s CD Arriving that i can borrow? i heard it’s really good. plus, i believe our band is going to play some stuff off of the album. come on, help a brother out
-Ok, all you new yawkers out there (Michael, Michele and J-A!), need a little info here. It looks like Elaine and I will be attending a wedding in Manhattan sometime in June. the ceremony will be at The First Reformed Episcopal Church and the reception on the Abigail Kirsch Yacht. oh, and a brunch at Seppi @ Le Parker Meridian (have no clue where that is). any info on the area and general tips would be great since this will actually be our first trip to da big big city. and we also have to choose between Affinia 50 and Churchill Residence Suites for our place to stay. any preferences/advantages of one over the other? thanks!