man, i’m so bummed out. Paul Hester, the drummer of one of my all time favorite bands - Crowded House, took his own life earlier this week. how tragic and sad.
And I’m lying on the table washed out in the flood
Like a christian fearing vengeance from above
I don’t pretend to know what you want but I offer love..
Seven worlds will collide whenever I am by your side
Dust from a distant sun will shower over everyone …

-Crowded House

it is not my thing i tell you!
i’m also hurt. as in injured. i had a fight with the lawnmower last night and i guess i lost out. yes, it’s already that time again to start cutting the grass (at least around these parts… it might be a while longer for the rest of youz up north!) So, i was getting my lawnmower prepped for use last night .. you know, replacing the mower blade, changing out the oil and gas etc. well, as i was tightening the nut on the new blade, my wrench slipped and my finger caught the edge of the blade. ouch. not good. i’m just not cut out for mowing the lawn. or yard work in general. man, i wish i had the resources to have the yard work done by someone else. it’s just not my thing. we did have a company do general upkeep on our yard last year but it turned out to be way too expensive to keep up. so this year, i gotta do it all by myself. oh the horror!! the planting, the trimming, the weeding, seeding, mowing, pruning, fertilizing, ….. well, we are sort of cheating this year by using EPM Lawn Care to regularly fertilize the lawn. hey, i don’t want to risk killing the lawn altogether!

i had to fill up my SUV this morning. man, these gas prices are killing me!

last night’s episode of ‘Lost’ was ggooooddddd. I also watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason while whining and whimpering over my hurt finger. it wasn’t that bad. i know critics panned the film, but there were some funny bits. a lot of it did drag and feel a bit old but i still enjoyed it. i guess compared to cutting a finger off, maybe the movie came off better than it really was. i don’t know.