OK, you know that spicy basil noodle dish at Mama Fu’s?? well, i learned first hand last night that it actually is “spicy”! who woulda thunk it? i mean, i love spicy, i do. but man, they weren’t kidding when they wrote on the menu “double spicy”. I normally pay no attention to those labels on the menu b/c i assume they gauge it relative to the middle-american pallet so “my bad“. i’m definitely not ordering that again. i tried convincing Elaine to switch her (non-spicy) teriyaki beef bowl with mine while we were eating last night but she saw how hot ‘n sweaty i was getting and said no way! so needless to say i was in pain the rest of the night. my stomach was on fire!
lesson learned: …umm…when it says double spicy, you may want to rethink your order.