my beautiful boys

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To my beloved sons, my greatest joy is giving birth to you boys. You make me so happy everyday. You are growing up so fast and I want to enjoy every moment with you. I ask God each day to give the strength to be a more kind and loving mom to you boys so that one day when you are all grown up that you will be proud of me too. I love you very much and keep on growing happy and healthy.

-Love, Mom

got the itch…

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… i’m trying to resist the urge … i really am!
those that have been reading my blog the past couple years know that i get the itch every year or so (hi Roy, Jessica, Tom, Busy Mom and Shirley!) i don’t know what it is but after blogging at one spot for a year, i just get the urge to up and move to a different location/blogging tool. just look at my “about” page and see my progression. i can’t really explain why that is. it doesn’t make any lick of sense. I like using wordpress here and i like having my own domain. i guess it might be related to why i have so many email addresses. even i can’t keep track of all the different email accounts i’ve accumulated. there isn’t a real good explanation why i have so many…. i just do.
so there it is. i’m giving you fair warning. nothing’s solid at the moment. i’m just letting you know i’m trying my best to fight off the urge…

One day you’ll look to see I’ve gone
for tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun
And now the time has come and so my love I must go
And though I lose a friend in the end you will know..
One day you’ll find that I have gone
But tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun …

all time favorites… P&W edition part II

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favorites - numbers 7, 6 and 5

7) The Wonder of the Cross by People of Destiny
man, this brings back memories. back when i led worship, i sure did love me some Mark Altrogge songs. anything with Mark Altrogge’s name on it, i immediately placed on my worship song lists. he wrote some neat chord progressions and the words were clear and direct. ..and this is how nerdy i was back then - I was a paid subscriber to their song development list, where i would regularly receive demos of songs the writers were working on at the time. most of the songs didn’t even make it to an official album which might indicate to you the quality of some of the work but that didn’t matter to me back then… that’s how deep i was in it!
the CD sounds a bit dated now with the heavy use of sequencers and synth patches but once you get past the dated sound you’ll find a powerful set of worship songs.

6) Blessed by Hillsong
i’ve always said that the folks over at Hillsongs diluted the quality of their work by releasing far too many albums over a short period of time. a prime example is their 2004 album For All You’ve Done. boy, that album was a total waste. especially when put up against their other albums like this one, Blessed. not a lot of fat on this one. the CD is full of classic songs like Shout to the King, Made Me Glad, King of Majesty and I Adore.

5) Illuminate by David Crowder Band
you know, if i had the opportunity to record and release my own album, i think it would’ve been something similar to this David Crowder album. not only are there great songs on the CD but the band/producer did some unique things in terms of instrumentation and arrangements. plus the little “links” between tracks are totally “my” thing. great acoustic guitar playing, nice bass/drum grooves, neat little drum loops and interesting chords. if i did have to say something bad, it’d be about his voice. His voice doesn’t come close to being the most pleasing to the ear but … umm, at least you can say he’s unique and easily identifiable and not one of the many faceless, same-sounding bands out there! :)

the endless ramblings of …

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..ahhh, yes, the inner monologue. so, when do kids develop this? currently, my seven year old doesn’t have the capability of keeping his thoughts to himself. basically anything and everything that comes to mind, he blurts out. for anyone and everyone to hear. and most of the time it’s the wife and i that get the privilege of being within the immediate vicinity of this glorious fountain that flows from my son’s mind. endless non-sequiturs, questions, tidbits, requests, comments, opinions, facts, subjects revolving around bodily functions, even more questions and it goes on and on and on. yes, his mouth must run on a duracell. it’s endless. other parents might say that i should enjoy this while i can because at a certain point they’ll stop sharing their thoughts with you cold turkey. i say, they haven’t yet experienced being on the receiving end of my son’s long and winding barrage of Seinfeld-like lil’ nothings (but without the humor). you’re ears will bleed, i say.
so at what age does the inner monologue come into play? is it across the board or do some folks just not develop one? how can one obtain this ability? can it be learned? or is it hereditary? is it as simple as turning the “on” button? can it be passed on or given to another? can someone please give my son some inner monologue?

My God, Vanessa’s got a smashing body. I bet she shags like a minx. How do I tell them that because of the unfreezing process, I have no inner monologue?
I hope I didn’t say that out loud just now.

-Austin Powers

what’s in your goodie bag?

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spent the day yesterday at a local scientific symposium with my colleagues from work. the bulk of the time was spent listening to lectures/presentations of all things new, innovative, novel and unique. the rest of the time was spent going through all the vendor booths looking for free goodies. how did i make out? pretty good. let’s see. [looks into goodie bag] got some t-shirts, tons of pens, a canvas tote bag (a little to feminine for my taste but I HAD to put the free stuff somewhere!), a tool kit, a travel mug, flashlight, key chain, a sports water bottle and a mouse pad. not that i really NEED this stuff… but you know me, [dramatic pause, then speaks in a breathy, low voice ala the spokeswoman on those annoying overstock commercials..] i’m all about “the free”.
speaking of which. wanna a free sub to sporting news? (hurry, the link will be dead probably within the day…)

game boy micro

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new game boy micro
coming this fall. i’m definitely getting one! …. umm, for the kids .. yeah, of course, for the kids! ;)

come on Dave, get back to work already..

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Boston Globe LINK

You know what stress is, Dave? Stress is a single parent of three trying to support a family on minimum wage. Stress is an employee whose pension is about to be slashed by her company. Stress is a kid two years out of high school wondering if he or she will make it to their 21st birthday before being blown to bits by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Stress isn’t making a half-hour comedy show and, when all is said and done, pocketing $50 million.

..well, i guess the season 2 DVD will have to do for now…

it’s good to be…

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you know you want to be me. admit it. it’s OK, you’re among friends. why wouldn’t you want to be? my life is full. full of excitement. full of adoration. full of wealth. full of carefree days. full of fun and happiness. full of … crap, who am i kidding?

here’s a little glimpse of the last couple days…
-i forgot to bring my company badge with me this morning that lets me in the quick-access back door to the building. i had to go all the way around to the other end of the building (it’s a huge building!!) and sign-in at the guard’s desk. ..and then walk all the way through the maze like corridors to get to my humble little cube. harumph.
-oh, and i forgot my cell phone this morning. argh!
-i haven’t had morning coffee yet. double argh!
-my throat is sore. i feel like i’m coming down with something. … maybe depression.
-i was pretty much bummed out all weekend.
-avoided calling my parents all week b/c i know i’m going to hear about what i didn’t do on mother’s day. i’m a disappointment. i know.
-had a fight with the wife in the minivan in front of the kids saturday. … not one of my proudest moments, i have to say…
-it was in the parking lot at work where they were having “family day”.
-”family day” happens once a year where employees get to bring their families to have fun on rides, play games, win prizes, enjoy free food/drinks and sit out on the lawn and listen to live music. good times, right?
-a good time wasn’t had by all.
-probably my fault. i wasn’t in a good mood. the kids were acting up all morning and i didn’t get my usual saturday morning breakfast.
-the wife made sure to point out that just b/c i wasn’t in a good mood, i shouldn’t ruin it for everybody.
-i wasn’t aware that i was ruining it for everybody. what i thought i was doing was just eating my lunch on a blanket out on the lawn with all the rest of the families listening to a cover band.
-apparently my facial expressions gave me away.
-apparently the wife and kids were eating their lunch with Mr. Grumpy.
-note to self: need a happy facial mask ala Mission Impossible to wear on such occasions.
-oh calgon, do your thing..

forget about it…

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blockbuster cash flow problem looming? uummm… i hope it’s not b/c of us dvd-forum users who got in on the extra free month website glitch. ahh the internets, providing us all so much more opportunities for mischief… :P
..speaking of DVDs, the forgotten was …well, not that memorable. the set-up was good, but the second half really tanked. plus those darn trailers/previews gave away the best scenes in the movie. pretty much ruined it for me. i used to be sooo obsessed with UFOs and strange beings from outerspace when i was a little kid. read tons of books on sightings, abduction stories and looked at page after page of fuzzy pictures of flying saucers. as the years went by, the intrigue, the fantasy, the luster of it all somehow faded away. maybe it had something to do with watching steven spielberg’s E.T. way back when. after seeing a short little goblin with long arms running around eating reese’s, it just wasn’t ever the same.

coffee, coffee everywhere…

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well it looks like it’s going to be one of those days. i just spilled coffee on my pants. right around the zipper area. i really hope the stain won’t be that noticeable. i don’t want folks to think that i’d be a good candidate for ditropan XL or something.

i recently watched Phantom of the Opera on DVD. I’m still in shock after i heard myself say to Elaine that I’d rather be listening to Michael Crawford. the movie was crap. come on. i know it’s andrew lloyd webber and all but really, couldn’t they find better vocal talent?? looks over talent wins again.

like i’ve mentioned before, wordpress (which i use for this site) is really great and easy to use. i recently came across a free hosted site for bloggers that want to use wordpress. blogsome. check it out. you won’t go back to blogspot ever again. whatdoyathink, Michael?

computer geeks rejoice!! fretlight is here. play like Neal Schon in no time! just think: guitar legend! start growing your hair long, baby. grab some spandex and you’ll be set.

all time favorites… P&W edition part I

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all time favorite praise and worship albums part I

since i’m in a worship band i guess it’s time that i chime in and list my top favorite praise and worship albums. i’m almost positive you all have been waiting with bated breath.

so here ya go. my top ten. i’ll split the list into three parts just to heighten the suspense. :P

favorites 10-9-8

10) Everlasting Grace by Vineyard (Larry Hampton’s set only)
yes, i’m talking old school vineyard. remember when they used to divide the albums with two different recording sessions by two different worship leaders. so my pick here is the Larry Hampton half. Back when i used to lead worship for the college group at my parents korean church, i relied heavily on the vineyard catalogue. oh the memories! heh. looking back, i don’t think i was all that great of a worship leader. i was young and a little selfish. for example, i would always change the key of a song to accomodate my vocal range which always ended up too high for the women to sing along to. also, i’d frequently choose new/unfamiliar/obscure songs to sing which would get on some people’s nerves. good times. anyway, vineyard had some great songs back in the day and Larry Hampton was one of my favorite vineyard songwriters from that era. plus guitarist extraordinaire Shawn Tubbs is all over that recording. that guitar solo on “Shine Upon Us” still amazes me to this day.

9) We Speak to Nations by Lakewood Live
i still remember putting the brand new CD in my CD player and my jaw dropping when the first song started playing. the complex instrumental arrangements and the neat chords they used really opened my eyes (or in the case, ears) to what can be done in a church/congregational setting. Our worship team still plays a lot of the songs off of this CD. highlights: Highly Exalted, All about You, You are Good and Gloria.

8) Arriving by Chris Tomlin
I recently got this CD and it’s already on my top ten list. funny, it’s the antithesis of Israel Houghton recordings in terms of instrumental arrangements/songwriting. It’s amazing what still can be done with simple acoustic guitar based arrangements and straight forward chord progressions. i mean the songs are plain simple yet very powerful and hit straight at the heart. our team played Indescribable at church a while back. it felt sort of funny singing a song at church that you hear frequently on the radio but the song speaks volumes and it went over well. the CD is definitely a keeper and probably won’t get old anytime soon.

monday morning mashup

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brought to you in vivid streaming-scope-

ugh. didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. the baby had another vomiting episode. when i went to pick him up out of the crib at three in the morning i didn’t realize he had already did what he did until after i plopped him down next to Elaine on our bed and felt something slimy all over my shirt and our sheets. it was dark and i didn’t have my glasses on. but we did have a nice time at the park yesterday afternoon. nice weather. still feeling a little guilty not spending time with my mom though. why should i feel guilty? i’m a grown man for goodness sakes. aren’t flowers and a phone call enough. maybe it’s because i know she’s petty and self-centered… and it’ll all be logged on her every growing list of complaints which i’ll hear about later on when it reaches some sort of predetermined threshold. emotional terrorist. she blames it on korean culture. whatever it is, it sucks. dad’s pretty much the same way except he’s got a temper. most definitely where i got my temper from. i look up to him in a lot of ways but… whatever. i’m not getting into it today. it’s a monday. drank a large coffee this morning. still not feeling it. i knew it was a monday when i gave the mickeydee’s drivethru lady the wrong change. i was trying to even out the change i was going to get back but i gave her the wrong amount. she asked me what i ordered and i told her plus i told her the correct total. i just didn’t realize what i actually gave her. she just shrugged, gave me a confused look and handed me the change back. monday. elaine got a necklace for her mother’s day gift. of course it came earlier in the week and in typical fashion she opened the package and started wearing the gift even though i told her it’s for mother’s day. since it doesn’t feel the same when not getting something on the day, i got her a card to open on the morning of. i wrote a lot of sappy stuff in it. she’s all about the sappy. oh and the boys made her mother’s day cards too. the boys and i were feeling under the weather this whole weekend so she went to church by herself sunday. she was supposed to sing in the choir. but she came back home early b/c she started not feeling well either. while resting, the boys and i watched lemony snicket/unfortunate events on DVD. loved it. maybe a little too dark for the boys but i enjoyed it. i did mention something about a mashup in this entry’s title right? here ya go. Hollaback girl vs. word up a great mashup for a monday morning. i’m getting tired of my blockbuster queue where i have the first ten entries flagged as “short wait”/”long wait”. so i end up not seeing the DVDs that i really want to see since they just ship whatever is available below the flagged titles. harumph. yes, i whine about the most mundane things. hence the name of my blog, my dear readers. since it’s in the title, i really don’t have the bar set that high. i’ll leave that for the other’s on my bloglines list. i don’t have any summer camp/activities lined up for my oldest yet. i gotta get on the ball about this. why do i procrastinate so? i’m taking my suv to the shop sometime this week. i’ve been procrastinating on that for a while now. it’ll be approx. $1000. it better run flawlessly when i get it back! elaine and i won’t be going to New York for her friend’s wedding in June. we decided to use that money for a fun trip with the kids. maybe hershey park? somewhere not in NC. idlewild (the ol’ timey kiddie amusement park)? a place for little kids. yes, mondays feel like this. is it time for lunch yet?

hooray for friday..

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who's that girl?awwww
hey, wait a minute! how did i end up with a little girl?? oh, it’s just my baby boy … who is way overdue for a haircut.

laterz. have a great weekend. :)


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on a whim i upgraded my blog from version 1.2 to 1.5. upgrading was quick and easy. but now i realize i got to invest a chunk of time customizing the new templates and adding in new plugins that work with the upgraded version of wordpress. so please excuse the look of the blog for now. it’s just the basic default skin. hopefully i’ll get some time to mess with all of this later tonight.

update 06May05 : finished with the template for now. i guess i’m back in business… what did i miss?

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