all time favorite praise and worship albums part I

since i’m in a worship band i guess it’s time that i chime in and list my top favorite praise and worship albums. i’m almost positive you all have been waiting with bated breath.

so here ya go. my top ten. i’ll split the list into three parts just to heighten the suspense. :P

favorites 10-9-8

10) Everlasting Grace by Vineyard (Larry Hampton’s set only)
yes, i’m talking old school vineyard. remember when they used to divide the albums with two different recording sessions by two different worship leaders. so my pick here is the Larry Hampton half. Back when i used to lead worship for the college group at my parents korean church, i relied heavily on the vineyard catalogue. oh the memories! heh. looking back, i don’t think i was all that great of a worship leader. i was young and a little selfish. for example, i would always change the key of a song to accomodate my vocal range which always ended up too high for the women to sing along to. also, i’d frequently choose new/unfamiliar/obscure songs to sing which would get on some people’s nerves. good times. anyway, vineyard had some great songs back in the day and Larry Hampton was one of my favorite vineyard songwriters from that era. plus guitarist extraordinaire Shawn Tubbs is all over that recording. that guitar solo on “Shine Upon Us” still amazes me to this day.

9) We Speak to Nations by Lakewood Live
i still remember putting the brand new CD in my CD player and my jaw dropping when the first song started playing. the complex instrumental arrangements and the neat chords they used really opened my eyes (or in the case, ears) to what can be done in a church/congregational setting. Our worship team still plays a lot of the songs off of this CD. highlights: Highly Exalted, All about You, You are Good and Gloria.

8) Arriving by Chris Tomlin
I recently got this CD and it’s already on my top ten list. funny, it’s the antithesis of Israel Houghton recordings in terms of instrumental arrangements/songwriting. It’s amazing what still can be done with simple acoustic guitar based arrangements and straight forward chord progressions. i mean the songs are plain simple yet very powerful and hit straight at the heart. our team played Indescribable at church a while back. it felt sort of funny singing a song at church that you hear frequently on the radio but the song speaks volumes and it went over well. the CD is definitely a keeper and probably won’t get old anytime soon.