you know you want to be me. admit it. it’s OK, you’re among friends. why wouldn’t you want to be? my life is full. full of excitement. full of adoration. full of wealth. full of carefree days. full of fun and happiness. full of … crap, who am i kidding?

here’s a little glimpse of the last couple days…
-i forgot to bring my company badge with me this morning that lets me in the quick-access back door to the building. i had to go all the way around to the other end of the building (it’s a huge building!!) and sign-in at the guard’s desk. ..and then walk all the way through the maze like corridors to get to my humble little cube. harumph.
-oh, and i forgot my cell phone this morning. argh!
-i haven’t had morning coffee yet. double argh!
-my throat is sore. i feel like i’m coming down with something. … maybe depression.
-i was pretty much bummed out all weekend.
-avoided calling my parents all week b/c i know i’m going to hear about what i didn’t do on mother’s day. i’m a disappointment. i know.
-had a fight with the wife in the minivan in front of the kids saturday. … not one of my proudest moments, i have to say…
-it was in the parking lot at work where they were having “family day”.
-”family day” happens once a year where employees get to bring their families to have fun on rides, play games, win prizes, enjoy free food/drinks and sit out on the lawn and listen to live music. good times, right?
-a good time wasn’t had by all.
-probably my fault. i wasn’t in a good mood. the kids were acting up all morning and i didn’t get my usual saturday morning breakfast.
-the wife made sure to point out that just b/c i wasn’t in a good mood, i shouldn’t ruin it for everybody.
-i wasn’t aware that i was ruining it for everybody. what i thought i was doing was just eating my lunch on a blanket out on the lawn with all the rest of the families listening to a cover band.
-apparently my facial expressions gave me away.
-apparently the wife and kids were eating their lunch with Mr. Grumpy.
-note to self: need a happy facial mask ala Mission Impossible to wear on such occasions.
-oh calgon, do your thing..