a trip to the clouds

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we recently made a quick trip up to grandfather mountain. it was a bit cloudy in the morning so there wasn’t a clear view of the valley below but fortunately the “clouds” made it *extra special* for our five year old. he thought it was *so cool* to be “in the clouds!!!!”. he definitely won’t be forgetting the trip to “the clouds” anytime soon.

the Rembrandts

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Finally someone put together a decent compilation of songs by the Rembrandts. The fine folks over at Rhino Records did a good deed and released The Rembrandts - Greatest Hits a couple months ago. personally i think it’s mistitled. in truth they really only had *two* big hits: Just the Way it Is Baby and the career-killer I’ll Be There for You (Friends theme song). so the compilation should have been titled “Greatest should have been-Hits” or simply “the Best of”.

anyway, the CD is a great reminder of this duo’s ability to write hook-filled power pop songs chock full of Everly Brothers-type vocal harmonies. it’s highly unlikely Phil Solem and Danny Wilde will ever produce another mega-hit single (due to the current state of pop music these days) but i’m still hoping they will continue to have the opportunity to record and release more of these smartly written guitar-based pop songs.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:
1. Hold On To Something (Great Buildings)
2. Maybe It’s You (Great Buildings)
3. Just The Way It Is, Baby
4. Someone
5. Save Me
6. New King
7. If Not For Misery
8. Follow You Down
9. Johnny Have You Seen Her?
10. Rolling Down The Hill
11. I’ll Be There For You
12. Don’t Hide Your Love
13. April 29
14. End Of The Beginning
15. This House Is Not A Home
16. Shakespeare’s Tragedy
17. Long Walk Back
18. Summertime
19. Too Late
20. Lost Together

purchase this CD at amazon!

..and for a limited time - download That’s Just the Way it is Baby

upgraded photo album

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another site update - i had to migrate over all the photos to a new section (media gallery) since the php gallery script that i was utilizing here previously wasn’t working properly.  most likely due to our webhost upgrading the server to PHP version 5.  all members please make note of the the new URL  just in case you have the old URL bookmarked. thanks.

start of fall soccer!

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well, the kids are back at it. the *fall soccer league*, that is. fun, fun, fun. it’s sorta strange calling it “fall soccer” when it’s still August and it’s 95 degrees outside. anyway, i guess we’ll be busy every saturday morning (games for our two boys) as well as thursday late afternoons (with practice sessions), from now until the end of october. whew.

more photos from the spring season:

free sub to Computer Shopper

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here’s another freebie that is being passed around.

a free year subscription to computer shopper.

please be aware that it’s provided by freebizmag and so depending on what you put down as your occupation it may or may not allow you to subscribe.  so in other words, your results may vary.  But i can assure you that it does work.  I’ve received a number of subscriptions through freebizmag with no problems.


recent upgrade…

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hello all.  i recently had the chance to upgrade the website content management system to 1.4.0sr5 and while i was at it, i reconfigured the site to allow the general public to view portions of the site and still keep family-related news and photos private.  previously the whole site was just members only.  So now with this new configuration, folks all over the internet will be able to enjoy my earth-shattering thoughts on all things mundane and non-essential while keeping family related matters safely among friends and family.  the only thing i’m not too happy with is the generic template i’m using at the moment.  apparently there aren’t a lot of eye-catching templates available with this new version of the CMS i currently have here on this site.  no biggie.  hopefully new (and more interesting) templates will be released soon.


free EGM sub

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any gamers out there?  well, put down your game controller for a sec and head on over to this site to sign up for a free year subscription to electronic gaming monthly. 

 get ‘em while it’s hot!   the link won’t last long. 

and now you can’t say that i never gave you nothin’. :P


Larry Boy and the Bad Apple

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Since I’m one of the big idea ambassadors, i guess I’ll remind everyone here that the new VeggieTales DVD is out today!!
check it out!

click on ‘read more’ to view the DVD trailer!here’s the dvd trailer

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