those darn spammers again…

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a couple weeks ago i had to re-configure the comment spam protection plugin here b/c of all the automated spam comments that i started to receive. most of it was pretty filthy and vulgar. it was surprising b/c it was obviously automated and not coming from an actual visitor. once i got the spam under control, i then started getting trackback spam which was all fairly new to me. i wasn’t aware that you could get spam from the trackback feature on your blog. weird indeed. apparently it’s called sping. whatever. i tried installing an updated trackback verification plugin but i was still receiving spam. so, i just disabled the trackback feature altogether. question for all you anonymous spammers…. does trackback spam even benefit anyone? i know it annoys the heck out of blog owners but does it actually work? i don’t really see the benefit.  enlighten me, please

a guy can dream, can’t he?

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OK, you know I’d be drivin’ one of these Ferraris if i didn’t have to chauffeur my three boys around to soccer games and school and stuff.  you *know* that don’tcha?  well, that and the butt load of money i would need to get my hands on one of these expertly crafted driving machines.

visit the Ferrari FAQ site for more drooling over the wonderfully built and designed sports cars.

FU KEE Express

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is it just me or does anyone else think the name of this local chinese take-out restaurant is funny?

it’s too bad the foods no good though. i get a good laugh every time i pass by there. and in this day and age, we all need a good laugh every now and again.

quadruple album set

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you probably heard the buzz about all the double albums that came out this past year: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Christina Aguilera, Tyrese, Foo Fighters. well, on October 17th Vince Gill will top them all by releasing an all new 4-CD set containing 43 new and original songs. for his fans, this must be amazing news. but for the general public, it has got to be a head-scratcher. i mean, come on, 43 songs? shouldn’t the record producer have whittled down some of the weaker material and come up with a very lean and solid single album? Vince Gill cites the Beatles as an influence in his decision for releasing multiple discs. personally, i don’t think he should blame The Beatles for his foray into excess. and only time will tell if his material on the four discs will hold up compared to classics from Lennon/McCartney.

head on over to Amazon for more on These Days by Vince Gill

so long RIVER

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aww, man. i can’t believe my favorite radio station just changed their format. they used to play a great variety of eighties on up which included some of the lesser known hits as well as  a mix of some modern stuff.  it  was a great alternative to the other stations that repeat the top hits over and over again every hour. but i guess the *no playlist, true variety* concept just doesn’t pay the bills which is a true shame. now, the station is apparently playing the “rock oldies” format and that is just plain *lame*. fare thee well River 100.7. you will be missed.


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i guess the upside of being on a losing soccer team this season is that your child will get a better shot at rising to the top of the heap and scoring a goal. and the nine year old did just that this past saturday - scored his first goal in an actual game. [note: my son wants me to clarify that this “first” applies only to the outdoor soccer league. he claims to have scored in a game during his stint at the Soccer Dome.] watching your son make a goal on a nice saturday morning in front of a crowd of cheering parents sure does make ya feel mighty proud. and it also softens the blow of yet another losing game. Team Portugal is now 0-3. ouch.

PC World

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here’s the link to a free subscription to PC World magazine (via mercury magazines):

click here to see if you qualify

you’ll need to be quick, as always, the link won’t work for long…

cool web 2.0 sites

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a couple of new web links caught my eye courtesy of this month’s computer shopper feature on the best Web 2.0 sites:

Zillow : i’ve checked this out earlier in the year. definitely a big help if you’re in the market for a new house. sorta scary that all this information is out there for everyone to see but definitely levels the playing field when you’re searching for or finalizing your decision on a house.

Meebo : finally, a way to instant message someone without having to worry about having those IM programs on your computer. you simply use the web interface on the website. the site allows you to IM anyone on all the various types including yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MSN. neat stuff.

Mozy : back up your data online. they provide 2 GB of space for free. The utility can be scheduled to do incremental backups during off hours.

Zoho Writer : a web-based word processor lets you work on your documents from anywhere. it provides a full range of editing tools, spell checking and can import/export to different file formats. cool!

hhhmmmm, the author unfortunately forgot to mention my site: DLee.usharumph! :P

iPod alternatives

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you know, i never did buy into all the iPod hype. basically, i didn’t like the fact that you were required to use their software and their proprietary music format. additionally, i thought that the units were a bit overpriced and was disappointed that they didn’t include a record feature or even an FM radio. sites like anything but iPod confirm that there are other folks out there that feel the same. there are plenty of alternatives and some even beat the iPod hands down. no, i’m not apple or iPod bashing. I agree that apple has done wonders for the portable music and video market and initially set the bar pretty high in terms of ease of use, look and feel etc. all i’m saying is that i personally think that the general public may not be aware of all the other worthy alternatives and folks should not have their iPod blinders on.

currently on my wish list: Creative Zen V Plus (4GB) the unit is very small, is flash memory based, can do videos, photos, has a record feature, FM radio and supports a variety of formats. the OLED screen is a bit small but i’d mainly use it for playing mp3s.

here are the product specs:

  • Product type– Flash player PC interface(s) supported– USB
  • Weight– 0.1 lbs Battery technology– Lithium ion
  • Color– Black Mfr estimated battery life– 15 hour(s)
  • Included accessories– Earphones, USB 2.0 cable, Neck strap
  • Software type– Drivers & Utilities
  • Audio system built-in display– OLED
  • Diagonal size– 1.5 in
  • Equalizer type– Built-in
  • Cable(s) included– 1 x USB 2.0 cable - External, 1 x
  • Battery– Lithium ion

Purchase this at Amazon!!

Cooking Mama

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OK, now i’ve seen *everything*. really. check this out. a videogame about cooking meals!!!??!! yes, the game is called Cooking Mama and it’s for the nintendo DS. it originated from japan (known the world over for their kooky games) but the amazing thing is that you don’t need to seek out an import b/c it’s being released here in the states. you play as a female chef and you follow recipes, prep the food (including slicing vegetables and meat), cook it on the stove or oven, pan fry, mash, grate, peel, chop, you name it you got it toyota. the folks over at gamespot give it a 6.9 which basically means they find it “OK”.  not bad. know, as a dad of three young boys, I find it refreshing to find that there still are some game companies out there that aren’t focused solely on profiting from violent shoot ‘em ups and gangsta type first person free for alls. kudos to Majesco Entertainment for releasing this title in the US.

Go Ahead Ignore Me

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Todd Rundgren - Go Ahead Ignore Me

Todd Rundgren has been the subject of several greatest-hits collections over the years (1989’s Anthology: 1968-1985, 1997’s The Very Best Of, etc.), and 2000 saw the release of his latest, the import Go Ahead Ignore Me: The Best of Todd Rundgren. A double-disc set weighing in at a hefty 41 tracks in length, Go Ahead Ignore Me covers most of the same ground as the aforementioned Anthology: 1968-1985 but expands the track listing considerably (Anthology features 27 songs). Rundgren covered a lot of musical ground from the early ’70s though the mid-’80s, which is the era spotlighted here. Although the compilers may have gone overboard by plucking nine tracks from what many consider Rundgren’s finest hour (and most commercially successful release), Something/Anything, and the track listing fails to include any selections from Rundgren’s Utopia output, it remains a consistent and enjoyable set. You can’t go wrong with such Rundgren classics as “We Gotta Get You a Woman,” “I Saw the Light,” “Hello It’s Me,” “It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference,” “Couldn’t I Just Tell You,” “Just One Victory,” “Real Man,” and “Love Is the Answer,” as well as such overlooked cuts as the whacked “An Elpee’s Worth of Toons,” among others. If you’re just discovering the great Todd Rundgren, Go Ahead Ignore Me: The Best of Todd Rundgren will serve as a fine introduction, with a recommended follow-up purchase being Utopia’s 1989 collection, Anthology. - Greg Prato,


Track listing:

Disc: 1
1. Believe in Me
2. We Gotta Get You a Woman
3. Wailing Wall
4. Long Time, A Long Way to Go
5. Be Nice to Me
6. Hope I’m Around
7. I Saw the Light
8. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
9. Cold Morning Light
10. It Takes Two to Tango (This Is for the Girls)
11. Sweeter Memories
12. Marlene
13. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
14. Torch Song
15. Hello It’s Me
16. Zen Archer
17. Sometimes I Don’t Know What to Feel
18. Does Anybody Love You?
19. I Don’t Want to Tie You Down
20. Just One Victory
21. Elpee’s Worth of Toon
22. Dream Goes on Forever
23. Last Ride
Disc: 2
1. Useless Begging
2. Izzat Love?
3. Freedom Fighters
4. Real Man
5. Fair Warning
6. Love of the Common Man
7. Cliché
8. Verb “To Love”
9. Love Is the Answer
10. All the Children Sing
11. Can We Still Be Friends?
12. Bag Lady
13. Fade Away
14. Compassion
15. Tiny Demons
16. Influenza
17. Chant
18. Bang the Drum All Day

Todd Rundgren - Go Ahead Ignore Me

soccer saturday

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so what do ya do when you feel that your nine year old’s soccer coach is completely and utterly inadequate? it’s sad really and i *know* coaching kids is a tough and sometimes a thankless job but i really want my son to learn as much as he can and play with a good team and he’s not getting that right now with this here coach. it’s obvious he doesn’t have a lot of coaching experience. he doesn’t really motivate the kids and give them confidence in their abilities, he doesn’t command their attention and give them clear, direct instructions (which i feel is required with a bunch of eight and nine year olds) and he’s pretty “laid back” and doesn’t exude a lot of energy which sort of sucks the life out of the rest of the team. it’s a big contrast for us since we had a wonderful coach last season. my nine year old’s team actually played his last season’s coach’s team this past saturday. i was with my five year old who was playing soccer in the instructional league at the same time so i didn’t get to watch the game. i think it was for the best unfortunately. i learned afterwards my nine year old’s team lost 20 to 1. ouch! i believe it’s high time for a good ol’ fashion mutiny. or intervention. or lynching. whatever. i just know somethings gotta be done.

free sub: Premiere Magazine

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head on over to freebizmag for a free 1 year subscription to Premiere Magazine - A monthly magazine focusing on hollywood and the movie industry. click here to see if you qualify.

the office season 2 dvd

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the word on the street is that the office - season 2 DVD set is on sale at circuit city for a ridiculously low price of $17.99!!??!!  grab ‘em while you still can.  reports are coming in that some stores are already sold out of the DVDs.

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