we checked out pei wei less than a year or so ago when they opened one up at brier creek. although we initially liked the casual setting (sort of a copy of mamma fu’s)
the food was pretty disappointing. we tried the place out several times
hoping the food would turn out better but it didn’t. all the entrees we
tried were simply horrible and at times inedible. and so we wrote the
place off and never looked back. well recently a new pei wei popped up down the road from us and we heard from one of our neighbors (who’s husband is a mamma fu’s fanatic) that the food was actually good. how could that be, we wondered? could our neighbors’ taste buds be *that* different from ours? could we actually have been wrong about pei wei?
our curiosity got the better of us and we checked the new location out.
and we found out our neighbors were indeed right. the food was
terrific. we don’t know what happened between the time we tried out
the brier creek location and now but pei wei has done a
complete 180. the restaurant is now the *go-to* place whenever we get a
craving for some take out. we’ve also learned that pei wei is actually
an off-shoot of PF Chang’s which is also one of our favs and basically confirms that the good food we’ve been having lately isn’t a fluke.
some of our favorites off the menu:
Pei Wei Spring Rolls, the Dan Dan Noodles, the Teriyaki bowl, spicy
korean, Pei Wei Spicy and honey seared chicken for the kids.