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you know, i didn’t expect to like the recently released version of IE but i have to say it’s not that bad (for a microsoft product, heh). they’ve taken a lot of what i like about firefox and incorporated the features into IE like tabbed browsing and RSS feeds. but the main thing that i’m liking is their clear type feature that makes the text of webpages a lot more readable and pleasing to the eye. surprisingly a positive from the corporate giant microsoft. i’ll definitely use it a bit more on my laptop just for the clear type fonts. read more about the browser here.

the best deals online

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cyber-monday is just about over and you’re *still* looking for the best online deals for your holiday gift purchases? not to worry, got you covered. they conveniently list out the all the great deals to be had on their front page under Steals of the Day and if you want to dig a little deeper, you can browse through their archived listings by category. and besides the listing of the best deals, the website also features online coupons so that you can save even more cash on your purchases. oh and don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter so that you can get registered for their fabulous holiday giveaways.

N101 Nutrition

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ahh, the wonders of online shopping. we, as shoppers reap the benefits, you know what i mean? better prices, the convenience of shopping at anytime and the ease of researching before you buy. N101 Nutrition is one of those online retailers that i like to shop from. N101 offers a vast selection of nutritional supplements, herbs and skin care products with great prices and a website chock full of helpful information about healthy living and the benefits of natural health and beauty products. not only do you get to save money on some great products but your health and your body benefit from your purchases as well.  oh and don’t forget to enter the coupon code “PPPNEW” to save 10% on your first order.

currently listening to..

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Just One Victory by Todd Rundgren

We’ve been waiting so long,
we’ve been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still to give us the will
Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?
I am here to tell you I have made my choice
I’ve been listening to what’s been going down
There’s just too much talk and gossip going ’round
You may think that I’m a fool, but I know the answer
Words become a tool, anyone can use them
Take the golden rule, as the best example
Eyes that have seen will know what I mean

The time has come to take the bull by the horns
We’ve been so downhearted, we’ve been so forlorn
We get weak and we want to give in
But we still need each other if we want to win

Hold that line, baby hold that line
Get up boys and hit ‘em one more time
We may be losing now but we can’t stop trying
So hold that line, baby hold that line

If you don’t know what to do about a world of trouble
You can pull it through if you need to and if
You believe it’s true, it will surely happen
Shining still, to give us the will
Bright as the day, to show us the way
Somehow, someday, we need just one victory and we’re on our way
Prayin’ for it all day and fightin’ for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right
We may feel about to fall but we go down fighting
You will hear the call if you only listen
Underneath it all we are here together shining still to give us the will…


here’s a great live version by Todd Rundgren from his 2004 Liars Tour

click here for the mp3

piece of crap blower!!

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argh. my craftsman gas powered leaf blower is a piece of crap. i can’t get the thing started up anymore. apparently i should have read the all the negative feedback on the product online before i handed over my hard earned money to sears. there are a bunch of people with the same problems as me. check out some of the comments on the site…

..I must now shop for another blower/vac after the motor started to bind several days a go. Yesterday I got about 15 minutes of use before it started to labor again. After shutdown, the starter cord will no longer pull out. I had to remove the plug and squirt in WD40 and rotate the impeller to free it. Below are my observations: 1) Didn’t last two seasons 2) Vacuum tube a little short for me (6 ft). I had to constantly slightly bend to use it. It’s also fairly wide in diameter, requiring one to be directly over leaves in order to have enough suction to vacuum them. 3) No on the spot dual use. Must stop and change tubes to convert from blower to vacuum. 4) Bag attachment point is cumbersome. It sticks out to the rear and is hard to support with the shoulder strap, tending to fold over somewhat depending on your angle. 5) Leaves don’t come out of the back easily when full. They have to be pulled out by hand with the zippered side apparently constraining their easy removal. 6) I doubt whether the mulching ratio quoted is very close in reality. In any case, the bag won’t hold that much and if you have any appreciable area to clean, you’ll have to stop and empty often. That is very time consuming since you have to put the machine down, remove the bag, unzip, pull the leaves out, etc. 7) When working, the machine did seem to have plenty of power for blowing. No complaints about starting although the choke/throttle ratio became hard to adjust during the second season…

— I ended up with 2 of these blowers. The first one I use twice, maybe 2 hours on it. I went to use it a third time and it would not start. I took it back because it was less then 30 days. Got another one. This one bropably has about 11 hours on it in total. I made it through last season. Used it twice this season and it will not start. Total junk. Will never by a Craftsman again.

— I bought one at the end of last season. Used it twice to blow the lawn clean, maybe 50minutes total usage. It stoped running, it just stalled… It wouldn’t start back up so I went to sears and actually bought another one (i know, i know…stupid!) The second one lasted not even a month!!!! Maybe 3-4 hours tops!
Sears = never again

..well, i shouldn’t be so hard on myself … all the negative online comments are pretty recent so i wouldn’t have seen all this stuff back when i was purchasing the leaf blower.  and who’s to say that Sears isn’t just deleting some of the negative feedback left on their products?

and so i just placed a call to the Sears repair center. the blower is still under warranty so i’m going to take the piece of crap in this week and hopefully by next week i will be able to continue my ongoing battle with the fallen leaves in my yard…

LOST loose ends…

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you know i love watching ABC’s Lost but even as a fan, i have to admit that some of the loose ends that are just left dangling sometimes can leave me a bit frustrated. that’s why it’s a bit of a relief to see that others on the net feel the same. the writers over at just listed out their TOP 50 Lost Loose Ends. 50? yup, that’s right, according to IGN, there are at least 50 nagging little questions about Lost.

i’ll list some of the ones that really, really eat at me…

48) Getting to the Prison Island
44) The Cable
29) Where Was Desmond Hiding His Boat?
26) Libby
22) The Hatch Implosion
16) The Good People on the Others’ List
15) Why Do the Others Want Children?
10) The Disease
5) The Unusual Connections Between Castaways
3) Walt’s Powers
2) The Monster
1) The Numbers

read the complete list here.

friday night’s gonna be a scorcher..

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according to our local news website, friday night’s gonna be a scorcher!!!

i don’t know, i’m getting the feeling that the weatherman’s prediction might be a little off there….

forgotten but not gone…

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here are a couple of cool (but long forgotten) 80’s tunes for all you visitors. ..just one of the countless benefits of visiting my site on a regular basis, right?  :P

Ain’t It a Shame by the B-52’s

Flying saucers could land
and it wouldn’t make much difference to my man
I could walk aboad and thank the Lord
And leave this damn town in seconds flat
Check my bags and never come back
Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out
Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out

Oh, I’ve been unkind not like you
Ain’t I ashamed being misused

Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out
Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out

I liked your Chevy Duster
I liked your brand new trailer
I liked your colour TV
But you looked at that colour TV
More than me..more than me

Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out
Oh, our love is like a fuse that’s burned out…

Love is All that Matters by Human League

Love forgiving Love for good
Love to keep us faithful
After all is said and done
Love is all that matters

Got this beautiful situation
I’ve finally found out what life’s about
Want to talk about it in my conversation
Going to tell the world, going to sing it
From the highest mountain top

Love forgiving Love for good
Love to keep us faithful
After all is said and done
Love is all that matters

Every person pledge allegiance
All our efforts to one common cause
Take a minute to improve a life
Form a legion that’s united for a love cause

Love forgiving Love for good
Love to keep us faithful
After all is said and done
Love is all that matters..


Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet

Mother doesn’t know where love has gone   
She says it must be youth that keeps us feeeling strong  
See it in her face, that’s turned to ice  
And when she smiles she shows the lines of sacrifice  
And now I know what they’re saying  
When the sun begins to fade  
And we made our love on wasteland   
And through the barricades  
Father made my history  
He fought for what he thought  would set us somehow free  
He taught me what to say in school  
I learned it off by heart  but now that’s torn in two  
And now I know what they’re saying
In the music of the parade  
We made our love on wasteland  
And through the barricades 
Born on different sides of life  
We feel the same And feel all of this strife  
So come to me when I’m asleep  
We’ll cross the line  and dance upon the street  
And now I know what they’re saying  
When the drums begin to fade  
We made our love on wasteland  
And through the barricades 
Oh, turn around and I’ll be there
There’s a scar through my heart but I’ll bare it again 
I thought  we were the human race  
But we were just another border-line-case   
And the stars reach down and tell us that there’s always one escape  
I don’t know where love has gone  
And in this trouble land desperation keep us strong  
Fridays child is full of soul with nothing left to lose  
There’s everything to go   
And now I know what they’re are saying
It’s a terrible beauty we’ve made
So we make our love on  wasteland
And through the barricades
Now I know what they’re are saying
as hearts go to their graves
we made our love on  wasteland
And through the barricades…

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i probably don’t need to remind you that the holiday gift giving season is almost upon us. but i will and while i’m at it i’ll also mention, a great website that can help you save money when purchasing gifts for the holidays. StealDeals has all the latest in online sales, coupons, and bargains. the site is the go-to stop before doing any of your online shopping. the site is updated continuously with the latest deals and spotlights the best bargains in the Steals of the Day category. be sure to sign up for their email newsletter and get automatically registered for their holiday give away. with a website like this, you’ll never have to pay full price again! :)

the clean version?

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clean versions of albums have been available for years due to the restrictions placed by retailers like walmart. i never had the need or opportunity to listen to one but i assumed that the record producer/editor went back to the multi-tracks and dropped-out the offensive language in the songs. Well, the clean version of Tenacious D’s The Pick of Destiny (just released today) is the first that i’ve actually heard where the artist recorded alternative lyrics (or lines) in order to stay within the PG limits. my guess is that Jack Black is used to looping (ADR) in non-offensive language during his film shoots for network broadcasting and he must have brought that mind-set in for the clean version of this album. it’s actually a little weird hearing mother-truckers, buck-you and frickin’ this and that on a Tenacious D album. it’s just not right. i feel like i’m not getting the full effect here. and *no* i didn’t *purchase* the clean version. i was given one for reviewing purposes. and personally, i give it a thumbs down just for the fact that it was censored. but i give Jack Black and Kyle Gass an *A* for putting in the extra time and effort to record an alternative vocal track for the censored album. at least it’s not as jarring as hearing empty spaces or plain nonsense words like Kanye West saying broke-broke during the chorus of Gold Digger.

1. Kickapoo
2. Classico
3. Baby
4. Destiny
5. History
6. The Government Totally Sucks
7. Master Exploder
8. The Divide
9. Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass)
10. Dude (I Totally Miss You)
11. Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)
12. Car Chase City
13. Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)
14. POD
15. The Metal

oh and be sure to purchase the uncensored version!! and if you don’t already have it, be sure to get their masterpiece from a couple years ago - Tenacious D


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yikes! i’m sure the local celebrities really appreciate their homes being pictured and mapped out in the local newspaper recently. the feature is absolutely stalker-ific! :P

I’m a bit disappointed though… i was thinking that Kristi and Bret would have a bigger place than that. .. and why isn’t the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers actually living in or around Pittsburgh??? oh, and a question for the local paper: why list out Trevor Graham’s $351,000 home? it really doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the high-priced celeb homes, ya know what i’m sayin’?

black friday website

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wanna have a jump on the upcoming black friday sales? well there’s an actual website devoted to getting the latest scoop on the deep discounts slated for black friday located here. I personally like to keep up with all the electronic items that are getting slashed in price. but you won’t be seeing me out there at best buy or walmart this year. no way. I had a taste of it last year when i attempted to get a cheap flat screen at a local walmart early that friday morning. yup, a total waste of time. the flat screen was no where to be found. just a massive herd of grumpy shoppers with their shopping carts jamming up the aisles with absolutely no room to breathe.  never again, my friend. never again!

leaves 2, DLee 1

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i’m fighting a losing battle with the leaves, i tell ya. while in the midst of blowing all the fallen leaves off the lawn this morning, my gas powered blower mysteriously freezed up. I couldn’t pull the starter cord, it was stuck or something. i actually had to take the whole casing apart so that i could turn the motor by hand to get it unstuck. there probably was an easier way to get the blower working again but at the time i was a bit frustrated and just wanted to finish up clearing the leaves. once i got the blower put back together, it started up fine but it stopped after a couple of minutes. it looked like the motor got “flooded”… i think that’s the term. i just couldn’t get it started again no matter how many times i pulled the cord. but i couldn’t let the leaves have their way today, no siree. i got out the mower and bagged the leaves that way. at least in the front lawn. since the bag capacity was pretty small, i had to empty it out a bunch of times but it worked. by the time i got the front yard done, i went back to my blower and eventually got it up and running again to finish out the backyard. …alas, my victory didn’t last long. by the day’s end, more leaves have made their way onto my lawn. it almost appears that i didn’t even work on my yard today. …you haven’t seen the last of me and my blower, you hear me leaves!!!  i’m not done yet!

Phil’s Tales

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this might be old news for some but i didn’t realize the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer, is no longer running the business Big Idea Inc. after the bankruptcy back in 2003, apparently Classic Media (a secular media company based in New York) took over. Phil is still involved doing the voice over work for the characters but that’s about it. so the recent mediocre projects like Veggie Tales Live (a live show based on the characters), the NBC saturday morning shows and the awful video games all weren’t his idea. we can all blame Classic Media instead. it makes sense now seeing all the recent marketing and the NBC shows toning down the “Christian” aspect of the VeggieTales. and i was very encouraged by reading Phil Vischer’s story about the bankruptcy, losing the business, losing his employees etc. he went from flying so high with a booming children’s video company and then to see it all crash and burn right before his eyes. through it all, he never lost faith in God and never doubted that his purpose is to tell God’s stories to children around the world. So he’s starting another company and continuing on to fulfill his mission. you can get the behind the scenes scoop on what went down by visiting Phil’s very informative blog.

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