well since everyone and their grandma is putting out their *year end ten best* list, i guess i’ll go ahead and post my own. so here ya go - the top ten best albums of the year according to dlee.us.

10) Bat Out of Hell III: Monster is on the Loose by Meatloaf - yes, yes i know that i initially posted a bad review of the album when i first got the CD a few months back but ya know what, the cd grew on me. i think it might be the *so bad it’s good* factor that keeps me putting the cd back into rotation.

9) The Pick of Destiny by Tenacious D - yes, it’s not as good as their debut. but it’s still fun and it’s the *D* man! i also get extra laughs by playing the clean version … the lyrics sound even more goofy that way.

8) St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley - crazy. enuff said.

7) Sam’s Town by The Killers - OK, they’re not as good as they say they are but it’s still a good sounding album.

6) Under the skin by Lindsey Buckingham - dude, it’s Lindsey Buckingham!!

5) It’s Alive by the New Cars - yeah, it’s probably on quite a few *worst of the year* lists but hey, it’s Todd Rundgren so I’ll give him props. and don’t worry, the concert attendance was pretty bad throughout the summer and winter tours so Todd will most likely be back out *as himself* in the new year. hooray.

4) Straight outta Lynnwood by Weird Al Yankovic - dude, i listened to this guy back in junior high! i can’t believe he’s still doing parodies!!! … and that i still listen to his stuff!!!

3) The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - when you mesh sgt. peppers, queen and rocky horror picture show, this is what you get.

2) Futuresex/Lovesounds by Justin Timberlake - yes, i’ll admit that i listen to JT. there ain’t no denying those beats man.

1) These Four Walls by Shawn Colvin - it’s another one of those CDs that i initially didn’t care much about but the songs ended sorta creeping back into your brain and staying there for long periods of time. great songwriting, great singing and great instrumental arrangements. definitely the musical highlight of the year.