the return of the dinosaurs

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remind me again, is this the year 2007 or 1985??? check out the ever growing list of bands that are reuniting this year…

The Police
Van Halen
Crowded House
(OK, they reunited last year but they’re supposed to continue touring this year as well…)
…and maybe even LED ZEPPELIN!

look out! the dinosaurs of rock are back …and they have come to pad their retirement fund!!!

OK and this just in: Billy Joel is reportedly coming out with an all new pop album very soon.  it’ll be his first since he retired from writing pop tunes back in ‘93.

so let me get this straight - Billy Joel, The Police, Genesis, Asia, Van Halen??? …man, this *is* like 1985 all over again!!!

do the snow dance!!

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OK. the kids are getting ready to do their *snow dance* so that the wintery mix that the weathercenter is predicting for thursday will come true. at this point it looks to be more like a rain event but around this area, you can never be too sure…

i got my back against the record machine

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in honor of the announcement of Van Halen reuniting with David Lee Roth for an upcoming summer tour, I offer you all one of my favorite covers of Van Halen’s 80’s smash - Jump.

the big band version performed by none other than Paul Anka. enjoy.

I get up, and nothin’ gets me down
You got it tough, I’ve seen the toughest around
And I know, baby, just how you feel
You got to roll with the punches and get to what’s real

Ah, can’t ya see me standin’ here
I got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen
Ah, can’t ya see what I mean?

Ah, might as well jump. Jump!
Might as well jump
Go ahead an’ jump. Jump!
Go ahead and jump

Ow-oh! Hey, you! Who said that? Baby, how you been?
You say you don’t know, you won’t know until you begin

So can’t ya see me standing here
I got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen
Ah, can’t ya see what I mean?

Ah, might as well jump. Jump!
Go ahead and jump
Might as well jump. Jump!
Go ahead and jump

recently viewed DVDs

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This Film Is Not Yet Rated - a neat documentary about the MPAA and their bias against sex over violence. thumbs up.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut - very interesting version of Superman II. the only problem is with the ending since Richard Donner used the same ending in Superman I. another example of how producers/movie executives can make some bad decisions. thumbs up.

The Break-Up - yikes. this was painful to watch. sort of reminded me of War of the Roses. there’s nothing in the story that will let the viewer feel for the characters. so without the viewer caring about the couple, all is lost. thumbs down.

Tenacious D: Complete Masterworks: Disc 1 - i’m a big Jack Black/Tenacious D fan so of course I’m going to recommend their DVD! rock on! I’m still waiting for Disc 2 though. thumbs way up!

Little Miss Sunshine - i initially saw this during my flight to London last month. i had to watch this at home again b/c missed bits and pieces the first time. enjoyed the flick much more the second time through. it’s a low key movie but it’s definitely worth viewing. thumbs up!

The Devil Wears Prada - Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep are great in this movie. very well done. thumbs up!

The Ant Bully - the kids and I enjoyed watching this one. I initially wasn’t expecting too much b/c it didn’t do too well at the box office but it was surprisingly good. good story/lesson and great animation. thumbs up.

Lady in the Water - boy this was a stinker. i wanted to like it. i wanted to like all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies since The Sixth Sense but i always end up being disappointed. It seems like he will never ever get out of the shadow of his initial blockbuster hit. thumbs way down.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - this one was just OK. the premise and set up is pretty funny but it eventually goes no where and the ending was sorta blah. i have to admit though that Uma Thurman does some funny stuff with her character even with the flimsy script and all. she’s a true professional. thumbs sideways.

running low on ink?

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with two of our boys in elementary school it seems we as a family are using our ink jet printer more and more these days. our nine year old has monthly research projects so we we’re always looking up stuff on the web and printing information out. our five year old loves to print out his favorite TV and nintendo characters to cut out and arrange on construction paper. and in addition to all the usual daily stuff the wife and i print out, there’s also all the photos we end up printing out to give to friends and family. and you know what happens when the printer gets used daily… the ink cartridges will need replacing. at times it’s a pain going out the walmart or target to go get replacement cartridges. plus the prices aren’t all that great. so that’s why i’m glad i found Office Supply Outfitters. they’re an online retailer that specializes in toner cartridge, inkjet cartridges, MICR toner and other fax/printer supplies. they have supplies for all the major brands including HP, Dell, Lexmark, IBM and Samsung. plus they’ve got the best prices and friendly customer service that is unmatched in the industry. be sure to check out their three pack and six pack specials which can save you even more money. and since it’s shipped to you, it’ll be one less thing to go out to the stores for. another nice feature is that they accept payments through paypal. i don’t know about you but i always have a balance on my paypal account (ebay auctions, online survey payouts etc.) so it’s great to have another outlet to accepts paypal. oh, and don’t worry, they participate in the BBB Online Reliability Program so you can feel save in knowing that you’re dealing with a trusted retailer. so go ahead and check them out soon before you run out of ink my friend.

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He’s All I Need

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you know i never seem to get tired of listening to Lincoln Brewster.  OK, i admit his vocal skills are pretty limited but he definitely makes up for it in the guitar department.  the guy is truly amazing.  plus Lincoln seems down to earth still leading worship at his home church on sundays even though he’s one of the biggies  in contemporary christian music.  shows that he’s got a servant’s heart.  that’s a great example for the younger generation to see.  i still can’t believe Lincoln got his big break back in the early nineties when Steve Perry picked him to be his lead guitarist in his touring band.  amazing to see how far Lincoln has come since then.

We all like to hide behind our different faces
And we all like to pretend we’re in different places
I don’t need anyone to give me approval
And I don’t mind if you laugh and call me a loser

Cuz He’s all I need, to live, to be
He’s my decree, Oh His majesty, He’s all I ever need

We all like to brave our faith when misplace it
And we all like to clothe our truth so we’re not naked
But you and me, we don’t need to steal or borrow
Cuz we are kids of the King, of the great tomorrow

He’s all I need, to live, to be
He’s my decree, Oh His majesty, He’s all I ever need

Hope in Him, trust in Him, reach for Him
Let the flood of God’s tears drown the seeds
That should’ve never been, never been

He’s all I need, to live, to be
He’s my decree, oh His majesty, He’s all I ever need

-Lincoln Brewster

listen to the song on my radio blog!

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i’m more than positive that Soap Opera fanatics are on their knees daily thanking the internet gods for websites like you know, it’s asking a bit too much for any regular human being to be able to catch their favorite soap operas day in and day out. with kids, jobs, errands, fussy spouses and household chores galore, time for soap watching gets pushed way down the priority list. but now with anyone can easily get the latest on their favorites with just a click of a link. the site is well designed with sections devoted to every major soap opera even ugly betty!! all the essentials are there including the all important message boards where fans can posts til their hearts content about their favorite soap stars and the latest plot lines. the only thing i would suggest to the website admin is maybe an option for a user changeable theme or color scheme. being a male here, i’m not too keen about all the shades of purple on the site. but that’s just me. anyway, registering for the site is free of course so all you soap fans out there, head on over, sign up and get interactive!!

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want list: line6 toneport KB37

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i stopped using my multitrack recorder once my first son was born years ago. sort of typical for bedroom musicians where time gets sponged up by family/kids/responsibilities. but now that my oldest son is nine, i might get back into recording again with my son by my side. we recently had fun doing an online video project which the kids and i did together over a weekend. the soundtrack (voiceovers, music) was done with my old multitrack which was then dumped into my laptop for editing. it took a while since i was initially in the analog realm and it got me thinking about somehow buying some digital recording equipment especially since the boys might soon get interested in recording themselves.

so i recently came across the Line6 Toneport KB37. essentially an USB recording interface with a midi keyboard built in. it’s a bit pricey compared to just getting a USB interface by itself but i thought it looked neat with the keyboard attached. since my main laptop has the older USB 1.1 connection, i’m leaning toward other equipment with firewire capabilities so nothing’s written in stone just yet. i just wanted to put this on my want list for now at least before i forget (you know how short term memory is at my age…). here are the features and specs for the Toneport KB37:
18 guitar and 5 bass amp/cab models
30 stompbox and studio effects
6 high-end studio microphone preamp models
2 mic inputs with +48V phantom power
Guitar/bass input with pad switch
Stereo line inputs
S/PDIF digital out
TRS line outputs
Monitor out
Headphone output
Assignable VU meters
Tone Direct™ monitoring
16/24-bit recording at 44.1/48/96kHz
Mac and PC compatible
37-note full-sized velocity-sensitive keyboard
Pitch/mod wheels
Assignable transport controls
Expression pedal input
Dual footswitch jacks
4 assignable knobs and buttons

for more info on the Line6 Toneports, click here.

save on contacts

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i recently came across a new website that us contact lens wearers can order contact lenses from: i was beginning to think that we only had limited options in ordering contacts online with just a handful of places to order from, 1800contacts being the major one. so i’m very glad to know there’s a new competitor in town. the website is very easy to navigate and they’ve got a deep selection from all the major lens manufacturers including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision and Johnson & Johnson. they even have the latest in Toric lenses. and ordering is simple. just make sure you’ve been to your optician in the past year. along with all other online retailers verify with your optician’s office that your prescription is less than a year old. once you’ve found your contact lenses on the site, just type in your prescription for each eye and select the desired quantity and you’re pretty much ready for the checkout page. simple as that! if you have any questions about contacts or the website, take a look at their convenient FAQ page. they might just have the answers for your there. also note that they are customer certified so you can be confident in purchasing from them. so check ‘em out and save big on contact lenses.

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space academy

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dude. does anyone else remember this saturday morning show from way way back??? SPACE ACADEMY!!! it aired on CBS back around 1978. i was around eight or so and with all the hoopla surrounding Star Wars at the time, this show was a hit in my book. hey, when you’re a little kid it doesn’t take much to get your attention.  just film some plastic models of space ships, bring in that crazy doctor from Lost in Space and add a cute little robot and ya got a sure fire hit.  well, at least back in the 70’s.  i’m sure watching the DVD now would just shatter my fond memories of the show so i’m probably not going to view it. … but i might just go ahead and place the DVDs on my Netflix queue …you know, just in case

here are a couple of shots from the show to jog your memory…



the latest from motorola

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the sad thing about mobile phones is that the lifespan of these phones are getting shorter and shorter. that’s because every year phone makers are releasing products that are simply better, flashier, sleeker and smaller. and that in turn makes ya wanna chuck the old phone into the toilet and go grab the new model.  now, have you seen the new Motorola Z3? my audiovox cell phone is a plain brick in comparison to something like that. music, photos, even a slot for extra storage, the MOTORIZR Z3 seems to be capable for some fun in addition to making the usual calls. plus it looks great. and if you’re partial to flip phones motorola’s got you covered with the MOTOKRZR K1. it’s sleek too plus it comes in three different colors. it comes with a 2 megapixel camera and the phone is also capable of taking 25 minutes of video with audio. just think, the next time michael richards goes on another one of those crazy rant at the clubs, with the new motorola phones, you’d be more than ready to capture the moment and stir even more internet buzz.

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the white stuff

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well, look-ee here!  the first snowfall of the year here in NC. yup, it’s not much but it was enough to cause tons of accidents this morning and close the schools for the day. the kids loved it. i would have enjoyed it too but i still had to go to work. harumph!

broadband phone service

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now that bellsouth has been taken over by corporate behemoth AT&T, i’m really determined to cancel our landline phone service altogether. years ago i vowed never to use AT&T as a phone service provider after their reps attempted some shady things in trying to switch over our long distance carrier. nothing but crooks i tell ya. so what the alternative you ask? VOIP my friends, VOIP! got broadband? then using your internet connection for phone calls is the answer. there are a lot of Broadband Phone Service providers available so be sure to to read over this site to get a quick rundown on what’s important and what’s not. the website also provides information on broadband phones and they also make it easy to compare the different features provided by companies like packet8, vonage and lingo.  all i know is, with the unlimited calling plans and lthe ow priced international calling options through the various VOIP providers, i’m going to see some immediate savings once i get a chance to kick AT&T to the curb!!

amazing race: all stars edition

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oh Lord, not *another* show that i need to watch regularly! Lost is coming back on. i’ve also got Heroes, the Office, 30 Rock, Medium and now Amazing Race is back!!

The All Star edition of Amazing Race starts Feb 18th at 8pm. past favorites participating in the All Star edition include: Uchenna and Joyce, Rob and Amber, Charla and Mirna, beauty queens Dustin and Kandice, and Kevin and Drew. it looks to be a whole lotta fun. I wish my VCR had some sort of recurring taping setting on it. it’s a bit of a hassle programming all my favorites each and every week. whatever.

check out a recent article about the upcoming edition of Amazine Race. also keep up to date by going to the official website here.

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