decisions, decisions…

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just trying to get my head around the track-out schedule for the kids next school year. plus, we have to quickly decide on some summer camps for the kids before they start back up at the end of july. hard to make timely decisions when you’re a life long procrastinator like me. :P

up to speed

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so i’m finally up and running. on broadband. what should have taken less than an hour or so, took the installer more than four hours this past saturday afternoon. lovely. the short of it was basically that we had an incompetent installer. from the get-go it was obvious he really didn’t know what he was doing. he was unsure of himself and had to think long and hard before he did anything. funny thing was that he was an actual cable company employee and not some contractor. anyway, the main problem was that we have a weak signal coming to the house. so the installer couldn’t just split the signal from one of the pre-existing outlets in the house. after consulting with a colleague on the phone, it was decided that a seperate line from the outside cable box should be put in specifically for the internet connection. he cut out a hole in the office wall for the new outlet and tried to drill down into the crawlspace to send the cable line through. after spending a long time in our crawlspace, he realized that he couldn’t access the office wall that he put the hole in from the crawlspace. in fact, he unintentionally forced a hole through our garage instead. once we got to a point where i thought he’d be here all night, he ended up calling a more experienced colleague of his. his colleague showed up soon thereafter and quickly determined what to do. this guy should have been the one that was assigned to us in the first place. he got things taken care of and got the cable outlet installed in a much more professional manner. i’m so glad the second guy showed up. who knows how much more damage the initial installer could have done to the house without him. we still have a weak signal coming into the house so they put in a work order to get a better cable connection between the street unit and the box on the house. but at least i can now say that i’m no longer a dial up user.  hooray for me.

beauty in the world?

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yes, there’s beauty in the world… but at times it’s a bit hard to see with all the everyday ugliness that one can encounter. here are a couple that are really getting to me lately…

-rude neighbor Dave rollerblades with his kids around the cul-de-sac like they own the joint. to top it all off, he skates into our driveway with his kid without a second thought. we’re not even on speaking terms at this point and he has the nerve to rollerblade around in my driveway and let his hyperactive kid stomp on my lawn. what an ignorant ass.

-and while we’re on the subject, some ignorant kids on the school bus have been teasing my son about him being asian. you know, it really saddens me to realize that in this day and age we are still encountering such ignorance and lack of respect toward other races/nationalities/cultures. i wonder what type of parents these kids have and if this type of racism is something that they just pick up from their home environment? because if it is, i just want to give these parents a piece of my mind. either that or just to simply put my boot up their ass.

I reminded my son that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. He should be proud to be asian. I told him that he should politely explain to those kids that probably 75% of the things in their home were originally designed/produced/imported from an asian country. without the expertise and know-how of asians in general, those idiot kids wouldn’t have a nintendo, playstation, DVDs, their hondas, toyotas and any electronic gadget or appliance for that matter. and the way the global economy is headed, I told my son that it’s highly likely that these kids will either work for you or an asian company when they grow up. so son, just tell them to shut the hell up or you’ll fire them one day!!!

sorry, i just needed to vent a little..

..But in a world, I see people in a world of misery
I see a world full of sorrow
Why should we be happy?
Tell me why should we be happy?
We need a message from above
Look over there, look over here
I can see it, there is beauty in the world..

-I Love My Life by Todd Rundgren

what a way to start the day…

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what a morning. while trying to start my car to go to work i discovered that the battery was dead. i just *hate* the unexpected. i get all worked up and pissed off. and as it so happens, i don’t own any jumper cables so i get in my wife’s minivan and head to the local advanced auto parts store. luckily we’ve got one of those larger shopping centers at one end of our neighborhood so i didn’t have to drive far for those jumper cables. well, when i get back to my car and try to jump start it, i find that the car still wouldn’t start. after several failed attempts i get back in the house to finish my morning coffee and to calm myself down. the wife offers her minivan for the day so that i could go to work but since i was already late i figured i might as well get the battery issue taken care of. so i head back to the auto parts store and purchase a new battery. examining my old battery more closely i notice that the size of the battery didn’t even fit the compartment properly. the previous owner of the car must have put in a crap battery before he sold it to me. it’s a conspiracy i tell ya! the world vs. Mr. Daniel!! plus looking at the date and the corrosion on the positive terminal it was about that time to get that thing replaced anyway. once i got the new battery in place the car started up perfectly. whew. and now on to start the day

randoms for 19mar07

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- choqueGratis posted all the songs from one of my all time favorite McCartney albums Flowers in the Dirt. check it out if you don’t have this album in your collection.

- any of you interested in some old PS2 video games? i’ve just posted three up for auction on ebay if you’re interested.
War of the Monsters for PS2
Tetris World for PS2
FIFA World Cup 2002 for PS2
why not help a brother out by bidding on these ol’ games…

- speaking of ebay, i recently obtained the boxed set of Star Wars DVD (episodes 1 thru 6) for approx. $30. it’s one of those grey market DVDs from china. overall i’m pretty happy with them. my intent was just to upgrade the kids’ star wars collection that were old VHS tapes. i just didn’t want to end up paying over $80 to do it. The asian DVDs aren’t that bad. I can tell there’s some sort of digital compression going on with these DVDs so they aren’t really up to the standards of the official U.S. releases but i’m not that particular with these DVDs for the kids. it’s at least better than watching the old VHS tapes.

- and while we’re on the subject of new vs. old technology… i’m finally joining the rest of the world by getting broadband for the home!! yes, i was the the lone hold-out in the dial up world. it was a bit lonely i must say enduring webpage slowdowns while society at large just sped on by. hopefully i’ll be hooked up by the end of the week.

- the latest word about the Asia/Styx/Foreigner tour is that Asia dropped out of the tour package and are going to go it alone. check out Asia’s official website for the latest tour dates.

- and speaking of Asia, GPS recently made available mp3s of Since You’ve Been Gone and New Jerusalem on their site located here.

That is all for now. laterz.

email security

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email, for better or for worse, has become an integral part of everyday life. it’s the first thing you check at the beginning of the day and most likely the last thing you do before leaving work. since it plays a major part of your business day wouldn’t you want to make sure that your email system meets all Email compliance requirements. with sensitive business content that may be contained in the emails that come in and go out of your inbox, there needs to be a secure method of delivery of emails throughout your organization. BorderWare offers a solution called MXtreme Mail Firewall that protects email systems, prevents inbound threats and ensures confidentiality, integrity and privacy of all your business emails. SC magazine awarded BorderWare’s MXtreme the 2006 Best Buy Award for Email Filtering. And by utilizing this solution by BorderWare you can finally be rest assured that your email system will be compliant with regulations set by HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and the like. with all that we rely on email for our daily business needs, it should be top priority to protect and secure our email systems with business solutions like the one BorderWare provides. For more information, please be sure to consult their website.

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how Mike Judge let me down..

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you know what? i think i just lossed any and all credibility (yet again!) in picking out DVDs for the wife and i to watch. we watched Idiocracy last night. OK, let me rephrase that. *I* ended up watching Idiocracy alone last night. OK let me sort of explain the line of thinking when i initially placed this movie on my netflix queue. first of all, it’s a Mike Judge film. he’s the creative genius behind the all time classic flick- Office Space. That only should validate my choice in the film right there. AND not only that but we have likeable everyman Luke Wilson starring in the film as well. so how can you go wrong with Luke Wilson around, right? well, i was *so* wrong. the movie was probably the worst i’ve seen in a long, long time. the premise and the set-up sounded interesting and it probably would have worked better as a short film or a SNL sketch but NOT a major motion picture. there were no laugh out loud moments, just a bunch of lame jokes and gags and all the while i just kept on hoping for a big finish or something but it basically fizzled out.  a long slow decline from the opening sequence on down. what a waste of an hour and a half. what i should have done was hit the eject button after the first five minutes of the DVD. oh well. so… i guess i won’t be allowed near the netflix queue anytime soon…

time to kick Bellsouth to the curb?

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i’m in the midst of trying to decide if we here in the Lee household should make that faithful leap in the new world of not having a traditional landline service and solely relying on a wireless provider for all our personal calls. Since we’ve all grown up in homes with traditional phone service, it somehow feels foreign to be without a landline. but now more than ever, getting rid of AT&T/Bellsouth and relying on wireless providers makes total economical sense. why pay long distance fees and jacked up local service rates when you can just use up your minutes on your cell phone plan?? i’m currently comparing plans and rates on sites like wirefly to get a handle on all the different types of plans offered by providers like Verizon, Cingular and Sprint. Sprint cell phones are a possibility. they are currently providing Sanyo Kantana phones at no cost at signup which helps if you need multiple phones for others in the family. they also have the better performing multimedia phones starting at $49.99. but i guess the main thing i’d have to consider is to take some time researching the various wireless plans and find the right one that meets our family’s needs. well, the saga continues…

expect an update on my ongoing search in the near future.

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friday free for all (for 16mar07)

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It’s time for the friday free for all: Soundtrack edition

I Like to Move It Move It from the Madagascar soundtrack.
how can anyone not like this song?? It never gets old in my book!
Gal ya lipstick pon ya face a mek man mud up
Woman ya nice broad face and ya nice hip make man
flip and bust them lip
Woman ya nice And energetic big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic

Spies Like Us by Paul McCartney the AON remix.
Yes, the movie was just plain awful. and so it’s fitting that the song specifically written for the movie was just as bad. hey, and this is coming from a life long McCartney fan. :P this Art of Noise remix makes the song a bit more interesting though.

Dentist performed by Steve Martin from the Little Shop of Horrors.
great music written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken before they hit it big with the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. the 1986 movie is a classic!!

Montage from the Team America: World Police soundtrack. I love the way they based the cheesy sound of the song on “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. I always thought the original song was a bit on the corny side. oh and by the way, once i amass a bunch of video clips from my kids soccer games, i’m planning on editing a montage video of the kids using this song. heh. keep an eye out for it if you dare.

Still by Ben Folds from the Over the Hedge Soundtrack.
the song has to be one of my all time favorites by Ben. i love his piano work on this version. and the whole instrumental coda at the end is just total bliss!

Enjoy the songs. and have a great weekend.


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while visiting my parents the other day i noticed they had a new looking gadget sitting out the in their living room. i learned that they just purchased a new home alarm system from Costco of all places. they weren’t looking to invest in some in home security system so they thought this low cost option would do the trick. it’s a table top unit that plugs into a telephone jack and a standard AC wall outlet. it’s got a state of the art passive infrared detection system that scans a 110 degree pattern with a range of 35 feet. motion sensors also monitor room temperature against the motion of an intruder’s body heat within its detection zones. they also liked the quick and easy setup and low monthly monitoring rates. it’s peace of mind at a low price.

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first win for team portugal!

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hooray for team portugal! they won the first match of the spring season. unfortunately i wasn’t able to watch much of the game since my five year old had his instructional league play at the same time. and so with all the going back and forth between fields, i didn’t get to see much of anything. oh well. at least we had great weather for the game. and hopefully the nine year old and his team can sustain the momentum through the rest of the season.
and for those who are paying close attention, i’m posting this week’s soccer pix using my flickr account. i’m still trying to solve my folder/file permission issues here on the website. i’m not able to upload photos to through media gallery until i get that straightened out. oh and if you’re also on flickr, feel free to link me as your contact/friend.

he’s leaving home…

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i’m not really sure what to make of the recent announcement about Paul McCartney leaving Capitol Records for the new Starbucks label. Sure Capitol might have been a bit lazy in promoting the last few McCartney albums but it’s generally understood that the majority of the folks buying CDs are between 13 and 25. so marketing a musician over sixty to teenagers can be a bit tough. and McCartney album sales in the last decade reflect this. so i don’t think McCartney and his new record label should waste any time trying to win over a new audience and just focus in on his built-in, older fan base. and what does his longtime fan base want? well at least for me, i’d love proper remasters of his back catalog. something along the lines of what they did with the recent reissue of Band on the Run (and see also the Steve Hoffman DCC reissues). I personally haven’t cared much for McCartney’s recent output. my favorite stuff of his are between the years 1979 and 1997. so if Starbucks can compile some of his rare/unreleased material from this era that would be a big plus in my book!  oh and while they are at it how about a collection of his music videos (1979-1993) on DVD?   are you writing this stuff down Starbucks?  these are good and valid suggestions!!  just give me a shout out in the liner notes OK?

Here’s an example of a rarity that McCartney’s new record label should release officially.

Cage By Paul McCartney and Wings. It’s an old favorite that was leftover from the Back to the Egg sessions. enjoy the mp3.

Please leave a comment if you end up grabbing a copy.  laterz.

spring is here!

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wow, can you believe that spring is already here? in fact it warmed up pretty nicely over the weekend to where i even did some yardwork. there’s still much to be done but i’m glad i had a chance to start on some of it. i’m planning on putting in some color in the some of the areas directly in front of the house. flowers definitely but i was also looking at some decorative Rain Gauges. the butterfly rain gauge with the integrated welcome sign would be very useful near the front entrance. while i’m over at to purchase the decorative item, i might pick up a sunflower wind spinner as well. it’ll add a splash of color on the porch. head on over to to check out the new spring collection for your garden decorating needs.

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seen any errors lately?

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i’ve been trying to figure out a couple of site-related problems this past week. after digging around our hosting provider’s website, i finally realized what was causing these issues. according to one of their announcements posted a week or so ago, they recently removed phpsuexec off our servers. and b/c of the way permissions are set on the files on my site, most of the updating to certain files were not occurring like they were supposed to. the most apparent were my RSS feed, the system error log and the photo album. I’ll have to go through and chmod these affected files in order to get them to work properly. the photo album problems are going to be tough since there are a bunch of files involved and i’ll have to track down which files will need permission changes.  very boring and time consuming.

if you happen to encounter any other issues with the site please post a comment here to let me know.  laterz.

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