i’m not really sure what to make of the recent announcement about Paul McCartney leaving Capitol Records for the new Starbucks label. Sure Capitol might have been a bit lazy in promoting the last few McCartney albums but it’s generally understood that the majority of the folks buying CDs are between 13 and 25. so marketing a musician over sixty to teenagers can be a bit tough. and McCartney album sales in the last decade reflect this. so i don’t think McCartney and his new record label should waste any time trying to win over a new audience and just focus in on his built-in, older fan base. and what does his longtime fan base want? well at least for me, i’d love proper remasters of his back catalog. something along the lines of what they did with the recent reissue of Band on the Run (and see also the Steve Hoffman DCC reissues). I personally haven’t cared much for McCartney’s recent output. my favorite stuff of his are between the years 1979 and 1997. so if Starbucks can compile some of his rare/unreleased material from this era that would be a big plus in my book!  oh and while they are at it how about a collection of his music videos (1979-1993) on DVD?   are you writing this stuff down Starbucks?  these are good and valid suggestions!!  just give me a shout out in the liner notes OK?

Here’s an example of a rarity that McCartney’s new record label should release officially.

Cage By Paul McCartney and Wings. It’s an old favorite that was leftover from the Back to the Egg sessions. enjoy the mp3.

Please leave a comment if you end up grabbing a copy.  laterz.