love and sappiness

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love and sappiness : April 2007 edition

yeah, i’m pretty sure you never knew i could get this sappy.

You Will Feel Like This by Nicola Hitchcock
give me your hand give me some more time
i will awaken into your world, all i know
and when i do we will be as one
and when i know we will be as one…

Pop! Goes My Heart by Hugh Grant

These precious moments we have so few
Let’s go far away where there’s nothing to do but play
You’ve shown to me that my destiny’s with you
And there’s no explaining
Let’s fly so high- will you come with me tonight?
In your dress I confess you’re the source of light
The way you shine under starry skies, you are gold and silver

Tender Love (Force MDs cover) by Jordan Knight

candles fade like the dark now i see how
lovely the feelings are
for all the tender love you’ve given to me

Mated (the Billy Sherwood remixed edition) by Todd Rundgren

Nobody else understands what I’m doing
Nobody else makes me act in this way
And because they can’t comprehend what we mean to each other
They won’t leave you alone so you know what to say
If anyone should ask, say we’re mated
For as long as this life lasts we are mated
Why else would you be here right now
And you know we’ll still be here tomorrow..

Only An Ocean Away by Sarah Brightman

There’s an ocean between us, you know where to find me
You reach out and touch me I feel you in my own heart
More than a lifetime still goes on forever
But it helps to remember you’re only an ocean away..

Feels like Heaven by Peter Cetera and Chaka Khan

At first when you found me it took me a while ’til I realized
Why I felt weak when you were around me
Why I couldn’t speak when I looked in your eyes
All this time I’ve been searching
Until you, I was lost in my dreams
And I never knew that love could feel like heaven watching over me..

Grown Old With Me (John Lennon cover) by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Grow old along with me
whatever fate decrees we will see it through
For our love is true
God bless our love, God bless our love..

..yup, this is as sappy as it gets, my friends.

download the love and sappiness song set (39MB ZIP file). enjoy.

time for a new plan..

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if you know me and if you’ve read this blog for a while you probably already know about my hatred for all things AT&T. I just think they’re overcharging their customers for what they’re providing and they’ve done despicable things like unauthorized signups of their long distance service to people in the past including yours truly. So they’ve been on my crap list for years. and now that they’ve taken over our current local phone service provider bellsouth i’ve been looking for alternative options so that i can get rid of bellsouth/AT&T altogether. after examining our household’s phone habits, it seemed pretty clear that we could just go ahead and transfer our home number to a new wireless plan and just cancel our whole landline phone service. a new wireless plan with the amount of free minutes offered will probably end up being cheaper for us than keeping a local and long distance carrier around. and we rarely make any international calls as it is so on those special occasions we’ll just try out skype or something of that nature. so now it’s onto buying a new cell phone. the wife is due for a new upgrade from her old audiovox 8610 and looking through, there are a ton of new features and neat designs to choose from. and the great thing about wirefly is that most of the phones being offered are free with a purchase of a wireless plan. even the new BlackBerry Pearl is free at checkout with no rebates required.

at this point, we’re probably going to go with one of the featured LG phones through verizon wireless. mainly b/c we get a discount on the monthly rates through my employer. but i’m definitely planning on ordering the new phone through wirefly to get the free phone offer. if you’re currently in the market for a new wireless phone and plan, make sure to visit wirefly today.
This post was sponsored by

The Prince of Legend

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the latest k-drama to hit the DLee household: jumong.

Jumong was the highest rated korean television drama of 2006. The miniseries recently finished up and now we have the whole series on DVD. but i’ll leave all the viewing to my wife who can understand korean. unfortunately our local korean grocery store only carries the dvd versions without english subtitles. it would have been too much of a burden for the wife to continually explain to me what’s going on in the story so i opted not to watch the miniseries with her. hopefully the next k-drama the wife gets into will have the english subtitles available on the DVDs.

here’s a little more about the series for those that are interested:
Jumong (Prince of Legend)

from MBC Global Media: [you have to love the korean to english translation here. heh.]
You are about to go back to the time of Goguryeo, a time which was bigger than now.
A time when our nation was the most beautiful, A time when our nation was the center of the world. Have you ever met such a time? dare to journey into a time no one has ever gone back to. The most surprising time in history has come back 2000 years later, a time when the nation made China fall down to their knees and when we fought other nations without any fear.

Meet a hero bigger than the myth.

Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Jumong! Up to now we have been used to dramas dealing with the history of kings and knights but now we are about to challenge in creating a drama with the birth of a true hero. A name only remembered as a myth. Get ready to meet Jumong, the hero who opened up the skies of the Old Joseon, which was once ours, by fighting thousands and thousands of armies.

Meet the love even bigger than the history.
Love seems to be the one common denominator across people of all generations and nations. Love gets swept away with the waves of time and also gets hurt with biased views in societies, but it also creates a new kind of history by wrestling against adversity and the trials of time. True love, which is uncommonly seen in history, is re-drawn through the drama of our once forgotten history.
Through the wisdom and courage of Korea’s first queen So Seo-no…

I’m not totally sure of MBC’s synopsis of the story here but the wife reassures me that it’s a great show.
the miniseries even made it into the Wall Street Journal.

you can get a taste of the k-drama with the series trailer up on youtube.

random ramblings for 25Apr07

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thank God the evil, awkward gold digger is off DWTS. she was a mess. the cringe-factor was definitely high on that one. blech. i hated seeing her fake public persona, her crooked facial expressions and those teeth. hopefully never to be seen again on primetime television. back to obscurity you go Heather!

in related news, maccaspan has McCartney’s brand new single up for your listening pleasure.

a woman on her morning run got the scare of her life when a man tried to grab her and pull her into his car yesterday morning. scary stuff. the incident occurred in the residential community located right next to ours. our neighborhood is on alert and i’m writing down pepper spray (for the wife) on our shopping list!

i did my first of three sessions yesterday as a tester for some new laptop touchpad. the tasks that i had to perform were pretty simple and didn’t really require much thinking. i was basically paid to play on a laptop for an hour and a half. not bad. not bad at all. OK, the two basic tester programs i had to use the touchpad on were mindnumbingly monotonous (think: pong but even more boring) but i kept on reminding myself that i was getting approx. $400 for this so it’s all good.

came across some recently added Todd Rundgren clips on youtube. these are apparently from the nearly human press kit. one of my favorite albums of all time by the way.
Todd Rundgren talking about Up Against It and his production work
All about Nearly Human
B-Roll footage from the Nearly Human sessions

currently listening to…

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the acoustic set:

Other World by Glenn Tilbrook (acoustic version)
When I’m with you I see what I don’t see
I go where I’ve never been, out there and back again
I’m out of my head to say what I said
To treat you like I do as if I don’t need you

Time after Time by Everything But the Girl
If you’re lost you can look and you will find me time after time
If you fall, I will catch you I will be waiting time after time

Things We Said Today by Paul McCartney (1993 soundcheck)
Someday when we’re dreaming, deep in love, not a lot to say
Then we will remember things we said today

Just a Shadow by Big Country (1993 Glasgow Barrowland show)
It’s just a shadow of the man you should be
Like a garden in the forest that the world will never see
You have no thought of answers only questions to be filled
And it feels like hell..

Fall at your Feet by Neil Finn (from Sessions at West 54th)
Whenever I fall at your feet and you let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

Love of the Common Man by Todd Rundgren (solo acoustic 1990 in Chicago)
Everyone is waiting, just anticipating on you
Won’t you make a showing everybody knows what to do
Take a dive from your ivory tower
And fall on everyone will catch you, everyone..

recently viewed DVDs : April edition

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Notes on a Scandal - a great example of how a movie trailer ruins the whole experience for the viewer. while watching the movie i realized that all the major plot points were already covered by the various movie trailers and previews associated with the film. so there weren’t any real surprises left in the movie. but i do have to say I enjoyed Judi Dench in this role. she played it perfectly. I give the movie three stars.

Fast Food Nation - Richard Linklater set up the story nicely but there was no payoff unless you consider the killing floor scene the payoff. Linklater shows us the problems but offers us no solutions. most likely b/c there ARE no simple solutions for our junk-food-super-sized-walmart-loving society. sad but true. i give it two and a half stars.

Hollywoodland there’s not much to say about this film. didn’t like Adrian Brody’s character that much. i guess i was expecting a bit more information surrounding George Reeves death but nothing conclusive. i give it two stars.

The Last Kiss the flick made me realize how *way past* thirty i am now. the plot gave me a been there, don’t want to relive it type of unease that i didn’t like. i didn’t like the characters and didn’t want to go through their angst with them. i’ve got my own problems. i wanna escape from problems not be presented with an additional load. too much of a downer for me. i give this one two stars.

Borat actually a nice change of pace after viewing such mediocre movies lately. yes, the movie crossed the line numerous times and that hotel scene with the naked fat manager was overwhelmingly hilarious and disgusting all at the same time. overall it was fun to watch but i’d probably not watch it again…i give it three stars.

The Prestige the non-linear flashback narrative was a bit hard to follow but it held my interest. The Tesla built transporter/cloning machine was a bit hard to swallow though. i give it three stars.


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since we all use computers on a daily basis, some of us may take them for granted. especially when it comes to security. most of us probably have done our taxes on our computers which includes our social security numbers, bank account numbers and other confidental information. now do you know for sure that your data is secure? there are numerous ways your data can be breached including hacking through your broadband connection as well as plain ol’ theft especially with laptop owners. so how can feel safe with all that personal data on your hard drive? well the folks over at have the answer.
SecureZIP is the next generation of ZIP. it’s the best and easiest solution for protecting emails, attachments as well as personal and confidential data stored on your hard drive. SecureZip provides file level security that is as strong as any security application available plus you have the added benefit of file compression. SecureZIP seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and automatically encrypts, digitaly signs and zips email messages and attachments. the software is a must have for all users with personal data on their computers and for a limited time, SecureZIP will be available to download for free. the download isn’t just a trialware copy. it’s available now with a full individual user license. so what are you waiting for? check out their site now!!

The Music Vault: No World Order CD-3 Single

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Todd Rundgren - No World Order CD-3 Single (Japan)
1) No World Order (Yokohama Morning Version)
2) No World Order (Yokohama Night Version)

The No World Order album is classic Todd Rundgren in my mind. It’s his A Wizard, A True Star of the 90’s. It can be a bit jarring at first listen but given time one can recognize the amount of creativity that was put into the album. yes, Todd raps throughout the album but as he said at the time of the release, it was done in order to be able to construct the songs into eight second segments so that listeners could remix and interact with the songs through a CD-rom interface. No World Order was revolutionary at the time. and it’s still fun to listen to even without the interactive interface.

for my music vault post for the week, I present to you the rare japanese CD single of No World Order. enjoy.

Let me tell you ’bout the new world order
Not the kind to make you run for the border
It’s a new religion wrapped in a revolution
With a proven solution for your mental pollution

Don’t let no one tell you that god ain’t got a sense of humor
Someone said he’s pissed off, but that was just a rumor
I know he’s laughin’ when the preacher starts to scream about
How trippin’ is evil, and sex is unclean

Cars and gold bars and chains and diamond rings
These are the symbols, we want the real things
Peace in the soul and a natural insight
Things that please the mind and make the body feel right

Nature wants your life to go on long and on strong
To have children and show them where you went wrong
So if your life style leads you into hell or into prison
Wake up and listen, this is what you’re missing

Free will, we can’t seem to get our fill
We are beggers, we are choosers drunk on a lack of power
I believe in understanding, I’ve got to know where we’re landing
I’m takin’ my survey now, hands up if you’re with me
Do you want different choices? Can’t hear the quiet voices
Got to dim all the lights, turn down the volume
Put on a little more forgiveness, who’s gonna be my witness?
If we must endure this trial, someone is bound to touch us

Do you want more sex, more comforting
A little more foreplay and afterglow, let my people go
Everybody wants peace on the earth, children sheltering
Calling every man, every woman
We’re gonna take control of our own bodies

Peace breaks out in the battle of the sexes
We start to learn what the other one expects is
We stay away from what the other one rejects is
And have respect for individual perspectives

We’re gonna break out of this cycle of dependency
And liberate each other from a hopeless life of drudgery
And face up to the truth as we dispel all of this secrecy
And simplify the situation when we learn to speak plainly

We’re gonna take control of the machinery
Bad little actors that chew up the scenery
Job number one is gonna be findin’ a way
That we can rave all night and meditate all day

Mankind’s strugglin’ hard to see the light
To hear the voice of the spirit in the night
To lay down his heavy burden and pick up his soul power
And build a heaven on earth hour by hour by hour

Child protection, more careful mate selection
Everyone wants to be wanted by a natural father and mother
Lookin’ for a sense of wonder, don’t let your faith go under
This is a beautiful world, if we could only give up fighting
The answer is surrender, every race, every gender
Beat our swords into plowshares on the anvil of a pure heart
We gotta have honest answers and the courage to take our chances
Opporunity’s knockin’ loud, give me your attention

-Todd Rundgren, No World Order

1) No World Order (Yokohama Morning Version)
2) No World Order (Yokohama Night Version)

quality business cards

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like most professionals, i have business cards for work. they come in real handy at conferences, offsite meetings and seminars. but lately i’ve been thinking of getting some printed for my own personal use. the ones i have for work list out my office contact info but sometimes that info isn’t appropriate in other social settings. at parties, family gatherings and encountering old acquaintances, i’d rather have a card listing my home address, family email address and phone number. well, over at 123print, they are offering high quality business card printing for as low as $3.95. and these aren’t your bland white card stock either, they have some really cool designs with neat graphics and photos. and since the cards i want to print up are geared toward personal contacts, the snazzier, the better. the site also offers a variety of other printed options, from magnetic business cards, to personalized stationery. so if you’re in need of some nice, professional customized business cards, check out 123print today.


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remember me mentioning my love for recently? well i just came across a fairly new site that takes the online CD trading concept a little further. with hitflip, not only can you swap music but DVDs, video games and books as well. hitflip essentially works the same as lala. after signing up, you basically list out what you’re willing to trade and earn credits by sending out the requested items off your list. with the earned credits you can then turn around and request items that you’re interested in. there are no monthly fees and no fee to join. you just pay a nominal fee for each transaction made. i’ve enjoyed trading CDs through lala for the past year and have been able to listen to a bunch of new music that i wouldn’t have tried out otherwise. and now with a service like hitflip that offers movies, books and games in addition to music, they are taking things to the next level. the great folks behind hitflip also have a neat blog so that members can easily get the latest scoop about the service. so if you’re into music, movies, video games or books, do yourself a favor and check out their website now.

trying out jumpcut

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Easter Fun at Grandma'swell i finally had a chance to test out the online-video editing features offered at jumpcut. it was something i wanted to try out for a long while but i never quite found the time until recently. and with my old laptop harddrive filled to the brim, this was something that i hoped would be a viable option so that i could eventually lessen the dependency on local harddrive space. and the verdict? well, i like the user interface on jumpcut which was pretty straight forward and user friendly but i found the resulting video to be a bit glitchy. some of the titles and effects that i added in the sequence would not work at times. i’d have to re-compile the video repeatedly to get the desired effect to appear. it got a bit frustrating to see a good version in “create/edit” mode and be completely out of sync and buggy in “published” mode. the other negative i encountered is that the video loads pretty slow in the browser compared to a video on youtube. even with broadband, i’d have to pause the video and wait for it to load completely or else the video would playback a bit too choppy. another downside is that there’s no way to extract a completed video from jumpcut. i’ve tried out a couple online video downloaders that work on other sites like youtube but it looks like yahoo pretty much locked jumpcut down. (let me know if there’s a way to get a video off of jumpcut b/c i’d rather embed a finished video using youtube at this point.) but overall i like what i’m seeing here in terms of online video editing capabilities and i’m hoping that they will work out these bugs in the near future. oh and another nice thing is that you can mix photos along with the videos as you can see in my first pass at editing on jumpcut. it’s footage from the kids’ easter egghunt in their grandma’s backyard. jumpcut doesn’t offer the pan and scan feature for photos that i’ve utilized before in photostory but i’m hoping it will be something they’ll be adding to jumpcut in the future. so my verdict? - Jumpcut’s not quite ready for primetime but once they clean out the bugs, add a couple more features and speed up the flash video loading, all will be great!

here’s the action-packed video of the kids searching for easter eggs!!


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it always feels like some sort of balancing act. i can never focus on one thing for too long because of the need to keep an eye on all things at once. one small misstep and it could all just fall apart. when can i stop to rest and know that all would be well? when will i know for certain and without a nagging doubt that things will be alright? things will be OK? will i always feel like i’m on the brink? on the brinking of falling down? down into the deep dark blackness….. where is this thing called happiness? this thing they call security? i wonder what bliss feels like? to be free from worry, unchained from all the mistakes that i once thought were far behind me. i can’t concentrate. thoughts, fear and doubt all come and go inside my head as they please and i’m left in a daze. fearing of what might be, what can be and what will be.

friday free for all: Cover Me!

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currently listening to…

Someday We’ll Know by Daryl Hall, John Oates and Todd Rundgren. It’s actually not too different from the original version by New Radicals but what *makes it* for me is of course Todd’s vocals and his trademark guitar solo. oh, and i also enjoy laughing at John Oates trying to keep up with the other two vocalists. heh.

No Matter What by Def Leppard. another faithful cover of the original. It’s just fun to listen to especially since it doesn’t really sound like Def Leppard at all. :P

No More Lonely Nights by The Merrymakers. These guys took a sappy McCartney song and gave it some balls.

Time of the Season by Brent Bourgeois. I love Brent’s version of this song. It never gets old to me. need to put this one on repeat!!

Go Your Own Way by Wilson Phillips. Yes, I’m MAN enough to admit that I listen to Wilson Phillips. oh come on, there’s no denying that this is a great mellow version of the overplayed Fleetwood Mac original. .. go ahead, check it out!

enjoy the songs.

thursday ramblings…

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- even more reasons to hate Sears. the sears technician didn’t even show up yesterday between 8 and 12 like he was scheduled to. i took off from work in the morning and everything and he ends up showing his lazy ass at the house at 2pm. very professional….uummm, NOT. and now we have to pay a little over 400 bucks to get a replacement electronic board installed in the kenmore front loading washer. not to mention the annoying fact that we have to wait an additional two weeks for the part to be shipped to us before he can install it. did i mention the class action suit against Sears/Kenmore????

- a big happy birthday to our middle child. can’t believe he’s six now!! time is definitely slipping by..

- i got in on a laptop usability/testing study. it’s usually a bit tough to get selected in these paid studies but i somehow got through. the three sessions are scheduled in a couple weeks. i’ll probably blog about it then. stay tuned.

- and finally, the song of the day:

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

love the groove. perfect hook and rhythm guitar licks. can’t get the song outta my head now.

- mad props to korean-american comedian Bobby Lee. according to a recent SFgate news article, he’s got a comedy central show in the works where he’ll focusing on his family. sweet. this could turn out to be the Asian-American version of the Chappelle Show!! :P

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