- even more reasons to hate Sears. the sears technician didn’t even show up yesterday between 8 and 12 like he was scheduled to. i took off from work in the morning and everything and he ends up showing his lazy ass at the house at 2pm. very professional….uummm, NOT. and now we have to pay a little over 400 bucks to get a replacement electronic board installed in the kenmore front loading washer. not to mention the annoying fact that we have to wait an additional two weeks for the part to be shipped to us before he can install it. did i mention the class action suit against Sears/Kenmore????

- a big happy birthday to our middle child. can’t believe he’s six now!! time is definitely slipping by..

- i got in on a laptop usability/testing study. it’s usually a bit tough to get selected in these paid studies but i somehow got through. the three sessions are scheduled in a couple weeks. i’ll probably blog about it then. stay tuned.

- and finally, the song of the day:

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

love the groove. perfect hook and rhythm guitar licks. can’t get the song outta my head now.

- mad props to korean-american comedian Bobby Lee. according to a recent SFgate news article, he’s got a comedy central show in the works where he’ll focusing on his family. sweet. this could turn out to be the Asian-American version of the Chappelle Show!! :P