everytime i go to retail electronic stores like bestbuy or circuit city, i am just so overwhelmed by the vast number of new electronic gear and gadgets that are featured on display. it’s really hard to keep up with all the new technology, updates and upgrades. thankfully for us consumers we have websites and online communities that are geared toward detailed product reviews so that we can inform ourselves of all the features and any reliability issues before we buy. testfreaks is a brand new site built just for product reviews and testing of new consumer electronics and the latest gadgets. the site is still in its early stages but they are planning to soon be a major online resource for all types of product reviews including professionally written reviews as well as from regular consumers and bloggers. the site is easy to navigate with reviews divided into categories like digital cameras, mp3 players and plasma tv reviews. keep an eye on their blog to see their progress in getting this site ready to be fully functional. it’s nice that they are letting the public see their site at such an early stage but the potential of this site is very apparent and i’m looking forward to seeing things ramp up on the site in the coming weeks.